Monday, October 27, 2008

ON BOOKS ~ Location = Los Angeles, CA...

raidergirl3 asks - It's Tuesday, where is reading taking you?
I am in Los Angeles, CA where Henry Sullivan is giving me life lessons by sharing what he has experienced as a builder. Things like what to look for in a contractor, and what a contractor looks for in you - but also how renovations, in a home and in your life, can make or break a relationship. Henry is a funny guy who seems to be breaking his rules left and right, but I am enjoying learning from his mistakes!
(Confessions of a Contractor - R. Murphy, fiction)


raidergirl3 said...

I'm glad you mentioned it was fiction because that sounds alot like Holmes on Homes from televisionl.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Not sure I could read about a contractor even if it is fiction. Glad you are liking it though.