Thursday, November 27, 2008

ON FUN ~ Gobble Gobble...

Edition #5

Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES -

and our typical Thanksgiving traditions...

1. Figure out which family members will have us

2. Make a 1.5 hour drive in 4 hours

3. Try to figure out what all the new balloon characters are in the Macy's parade

4. Andy's Mom's green bean casserole

5. Molly's brother's individual portion Tofurkey

6. Root against the Cowboys and feel sorry for the Lions

7. Eat until we can't stand up

8. Root for the Beagle, not the Poodle, in the Dog Show

9. Flip through sales flyers for Christmas gift ideas

10. Group phone call to Grandma

11. Guess which pies David Letterman's mom baked

12. Avoid the malls at all costs - no sales are worth that nightmare

13. Humor Molly's Dad by watching A Christmas Story for the billionth time to officially ring in the Christmas season

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    FickleMinded said...

    great list!. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Nicholas said...

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Adelle said...

    Fun list. Happy Turkey Day!

    Mary said...

    We humor my mom by watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

    Great List!