Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ON TRAVEL ~ Oh The Places We've Been...

Edition #4

Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES...

and the last trips we took (not counting the holidays to see Molly's parents in CT since those are really more visits than trips)...

1. Mystic, CT (SEPTEMBER, 2008) for Molly's brother's wedding. Of course, it rained

2. Cape Cod - Falmouth, MA (AUGUST, 2008) to watch Andy's sister and her husband complete the Falmouth Road Race to raise money for a good cause

3. Moosehead Lake Region - Dexter, ME (JULY, 2008) where we go for a weekend each summer to our Maine friends' vacation camp on the lake

4. White Mountains - North Conway, NH (MARCH, 2008) with Andy's brother's family for a ski weekend to Wildcat Mountain

5. White Mountains - Lincoln, NH (FEBRUARY, 2008) where some MA friends of ours have a vacation ski condo across from Loon Mountain

6. Baltimore, MD (AUGUST, 2007) where we went with our Maine friends to see the city and watch the Red Sox play the Orioles

7. Unity, NH which is too tiny for its own website even though Clinton & Obama made their first joint appearance there after he won the party nomination (JULY, 2007) to gather with Andy's family at his Uncle & Aunt's lake cottage in Southern NH

8. Ft. Walton Beach - Grayton Beach, FL (FEBRUARY, 2007) for a vacation with Andy's family - brrr, good thing the pool was heated!

9. New York City, NY (OCTOBER, 2006) for the wedding of one of Andy's college friends. The wedding was actually in Southern CT but the reception was at a very posh place in Manhattan. We made a weekend of it and met up with Molly's brother while we were there

10. Lake Placid, NY (MARCH, 2007 & SEPTEMBER, 2006) for a concert and skiing at Whiteface Mtn. with friends in the winter and for Molly's birthday the previous fall - so this was a double shot

11. Montreal, Quebec - Canada (JUNE, 2006) with our Maine friends just to see how things were going up in Canada and to practice speaking French while taking in an international fireworks competition among other things

12. Sanibel Island, FL (MARCH, 2006) for vacation with Molly's family to sit on the beach and mix in a Red Sox Spring Training game in Ft. Myers

13. Chicago, IL (JUNE, 2005) where we went just to take a trip by ourselves to a place neither of us had ever been - oh yeah, and to see the Red Sox play the Cubs in Wrigley Field (have you learned nothing about us yet?)

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    Adelle said...

    Wow, How nice for you. I envy your freedom to travel. Happy T13!

    bernieg1 said...

    Somebody here loves baseball alright!

    Have a great TT!

    My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

    SJ Reidhead said...

    I'm trying to think - my last 13 trips:

    Memphis - 3X's
    Tombstone for the rest of the trips!

    The Pink Flamingo

    FickleMinded said...

    what a traveller you are!

    Nicholas said...

    You get around!

    Lori said...

    Nice list...Happy TT:)

    Alice Audrey said...

    I've been to Chicago and the Cape, but that's it. I get the feeling you get out more than me.

    jayedee said...

    we don't travel.......but i love to live vicariously thru folks who do! lol happy tt!

    Jaime said...

    Mystic, CT is ok. It's a bigger tourist attraction than I think it should be. I find it rather boring there lol.

    Lincoln, NH is one of my favorite places to vacation. We've been staying at The Beacon for about 20 years now, it's like a home away from home in the summer time.

    Mary said...

    How cool! My DH and I are trying to travel to new ballparks every year to watch the Cubs. Sounds like you've had some great trips.

    Happy TT!

    Danica/Dream said...

    What cool places!

    colleen said...

    I've been to five of your 13. Not bad. But I'm way ahead in 13 Thursday. Just hit 160!

    Jen said...

    In all of my travels, I haven't made it much further north of Maryland. I have got to get up that way!

    Delighted Mom said...

    Great Idea for a Thursday 13! You've been to some awesome places!

    Natsthename said...

    Hey, I used to live in the Fort Walton Beach area..for 9 years!! Love that white sand and the emerald waters.

    Nice list!