Saturday, December 6, 2008

ON FUN ~ Gym Rats...


What's in a Gym?

Affordable membership fees? Plenty of cardio and weight machines? Enough cable station choices? Good volume and selection of tunes? A variety of free magazines? Clean showers? Plentiful lockers? A full schedule of group classes?

All good things to consider, to be sure. But for me, it is all about...Rocky, Stairmaster Man, Mr. Commando, Belly Girl, Miss Commando, Ed Norton, Ponch, Seven Sisters, Stairmaster Man II, Chatty Kathy Dude, Sean Jean Grandpa, Sunny, Middle Eastern Guy, The Giambino, and the revolving door of staff that make up the people I don't know but who keep the same schedule I do for work outs.

Music, TV shows and magazines are all well and good to pass the time on the treadmill but every now and then it is much more interesting to people watch. Unlike Chatty Kathy Dude, I do not go to the gym to make friends. I go to work out and then get the hell out of there. Therefore I don't know any of the people that I see all the time, week after week. So I make up nicknames, and identities, for each of them to pass the time. I would love to know what they call me and what they imagine my life to be like. But anonymity is the name of this game.

Which one would you like to know about first?


Natsthename said...

I do something similar (but I do that everywhere, even at church. I have little nicknames for everyone I see regularly but don't really know!)

Anyway, I am the same way about the gym. What I really LOVE is that Loud Old Fart will sit on the equipment I am trying to get to and chat with Flirty Old Ho for 10 minutes. And they're oblivious to me and my need to use the friggin machine! I'd so love to tell Loud Old Fart's wife that he's flirting with the Ho! ;)

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

The guy that lives behind us is only known as "ShedMan" because he's always working in and on his shed in his backyard. We've lived here 5+ years and I couldn't tell you a single letter in his name. Now I don't even want to know his name because it would ruin the fun! I'd love to hear about "Belly Girl" at your gym.

siteseer said...

this is so funny. At the gym that I just did a trial membership at, they were never that busy to see that many different people, but the last time there was 'twitchy neggie'. She kept coming up to me and talking and complaining about her mother-in-law - and the twitchy part was the eye twitch. I kept going faster just to try to get away from her. I really didn't care about her mil telling her that she was fat even though her mil is fatter than her and that her husband needs to lose more weight than her blah blah blah. I'm just saying that that would keep me from joining that gym. I look forward to reading about commando guy lol