Friday, December 19, 2008

ON FUN ~ Mr. Commando...


Siteseer @ Where The Road Takes Us wants to know about Mr. Commando…

JERRY (to ELAINE): "The only thing between him and us is a thin layer of Gabardine!"

KRAMER (in response): "I'm out there Jerry and loving every minute of it!"

As so often happens, life really does mirror a Seinfeld episode. However, it is unfortunate on soooo many levels for me that recently it happens to mirror this particular episode.

Like Kramer above, I am sure that many people walk around us every day without wearing any underwear and I have no doubt that the majority of the time they do so because it feels great (I assume that the rest of the time it is because they don’t have any clean underwear). And, like Jerry & Elaine above, it can be horrifying for the rest of us when we find out.

Mr. Commando is a very nice older gentleman at the gym who enjoys working out on the stationary bikes. He must be an avid biker because he always works out in his bike shorts. Bike shorts, in addition to thongs and Speedos, are just not a good look for men. They aren’t called “Banana Hammocks” for nothing. I don’t want to see my husband in bike shorts, let alone someone my father’s age.

It is painfully obvious that nice Mr. Commando is indeed opting to “go without” underneath those bike shorts. I don’t know if he is a true believer like Kramer and does so all the time or if he just likes to give his briefs a break at the gym. What I do know is that if he swings a leg over the bike next to me (cringe) he likes to chat about the book I’m reading or the score of the game.

I have always been taught to respect my elders so I converse away with Mr. Commando. Needless to say, we make lots of eye contact - I hope I’m not giving him the wrong idea!

Taking a class instead would not work as an avoidance tactic since last week I noticed that Mr. Commando had joined one. It was a very active class which on it’s own is enough to keep me away. But having to watch Mr. Commando Spinning, doing jumping jacks with drops into push-ups and jogging around the windowed room guaranteed I wouldn‘t be signing up anytime soon.

At least it wasn’t Yoga.

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Trish said...

OMG - that is funny (not for you I guess) and maybe not something I would want to see either.

Ewww ...I can imagine enough. I was a nurse ;).

I am joining or might be an all womens' gym.

Ps I am keen to know about the widget on the bottom of your page.It is awesome.

Natsthename said...

All I can say is...EWWWWWWWWW!

I have bad memories of Bikram yoga and a sweaty, bald, but hairy dude (he looked like he had a sweater on, ok?)in a Speedo. You just made me flash back to that!

Mojo said...

I jumped the gun a little on the Shutterday theme this week. It hasn't actually been posted yet, so don't worry. You're not late, I'm early.

Love the hamster photo. How'd you get him to do that??

I think the most "horrifying" Mr. Commando experience I've had was last Halloween when the host of the party I went to decided to pay all too authentic homage to his Scottish ancestry -- in a kilt with ... well, let's just say that when the chair he was sitting in had one leg sink into the soft ground and spill him on his arse, there was nothing left to the imagination. Fortunately I chose that moment to not be snapping photos of the festivities. I might have been scarred for life had I offloaded my shots from the party and been confronted with a photo of Mr. Host's "package".

Alyce said...

That is so funny! You know some bike shorts are made to be worn without underwear (the padded kind) but obviously his weren't.

Thorne said...

Hey! I know you! I mean, well... it's a small blogosphere. I've popped in now and again. Glad I popped in to hear your laugh about stuff popping out! Being a long time Ren-Faire Gal I'm no stranger to a wide variety of "Mr. Commandos". Thankfully an 11 yard hand pleated kilt with a heavy sporin protect the rest of us from all but the most dedicated exhibitionist.
I always get a giggle out of my Girlyboi's (translate: partner aka butch lesbian) approach to the situation. She has been working construction for over 20 years. If a guy on the job is wearing shorts (they used to wear them A LOT shorter), she just holds up her skilsaw and says "If anything falls outta those shorts you'd better be prepared to lose it".
Thanks for stopping by Thornesworld!

Natural Moments said...

Your gym rat weightlifter just cracks me up everytime I see your site. Nice choice.

If life is like a Seinfeld episode in any manner whatsoever, you probably can't go wrong. To see life and do things at odd angles or to question the status quo will bring you to some rather interesting vistas in life, including going comando. :)

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! what a nice view !!

SandyCarlson said...

You made me laugh out loud until the visuals made me cringe! That is toooooo much (literally)! Wow. Made me think of a gentleman I know who is in his late 60s but never got over being the handsome captain of the high school football team. In his mind what he has to offer is prime goods! Sad and strange, pathetic and laughable. Maybe Santa will bring him some drawers and some common sense!

colleen said...

I still miss Seinfeld. Kramer would be a nice name for a pet but I'd be afraid it would make the pet clumsy and grow big hair.

siteseer said...

ewww. Guess seeing him in biker shorts is better the boxer shorts???!! Think I'll stay and workout in my basement. lol Thanks for stopping by