Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ON FUN ~ Don't Be A Hater...

Edition #17

Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES -
and minor things that we hate...

1. Mushrooms

2. Automated menus on 800#'s

3. Nails on chalkboard

4. The smell of wet mulch

5. The Yankees

6. Authors who write a great story and get lazy with the ending

7. Spoilers

8. Virtual Waiting Rooms - at least with a real line you know what you're up against

9. Getting up early

10. When the restaurant has just run out of the special I ordered

11. Being too short to see over the people in front of me

12. Snoring

13. Snow that I have to shovel (yay Andy!)


1. Overpriced & overcrowded coffee chains

2. WalMart

3. Coconut

4. Cats who destroy things like Christmas trees and their ornaments, a painted ashtray brought home from Italy as a gift from friends, vases filled with water and flowers, potted plants, furniture on an ongoing basis and other things to come (this could be it's own T13 list)

5. Ticketmaster/LiveNation or whatever that music conglomerate is called now

6. When professional athletes say that they have to "feed their family" while cashing in on a big pay day

7. When Mother Nature takes away the neighbor's backyard ice rink around the middle of each February

8. That I always pick the slowest line

9. Running out of beer

10. Flying and dealing with airports - I would rather drive

11. Reality T.V.

12. The Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Lakers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish

13. Making lists on demand

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. What do you do? Write Thirteen things about yourself, summarize your week in one entry, make it easy for other bloggers to get to know you on a weekly basis. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is not only encouraged, it is part of being a Thursday Thirteener! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!


Kristen said...

These 13s are almost cathartic sometimes, although, Andy, #4 sounds like there are some deep rooted issues in your cat relationship :-).

Karen said...

I enjoyed your lists... both of them.
I agree with many of your entries.
Happy T13

Anonymous said...

Molly, I love 1 and 4 and rarely have a problem with 11, but agree with you on the rest. Andy, we are in perfect agreement!
Happy TT!
I'm up at both Thornesworld
and with my very first TT at my new blog, Eclectic Witch!
I hope you'll stop by!

Betty said...

I hate Molly's #6 too! With a passion!

And Andy's #4 made me LOL! Do make it its own list!

Sandy Nawrot said...

You had to be feeling better after doing this post! I chuckled at Andy's apparent baggage with the cat. Can't argue with the WalMart either...down in Orlando, it is where the scarey element go and hang out.

Adelle said...

What a fun list. Good stuff. Happy T13!

colleen said...

Red Sox Nation! Reality TV and Walmart can have each other.

Janet said...

mmmm, more mushrooms for me! I think I'm part hobbit!

Brenda ND said...

I'm with you about Automated menus on 800#'s, but I like mushrooms. Happy TT!

Lori said...

Hmm, I hate a lot of the same things Andy does, except for the cat. Cats can do no wrong (smile). But I agree wholeheartedly with Walmart, coconut (except in Almond Joys, yum) the athlete issue, the slowest line, airports and reality tv.

Paige Tyler said...

I'm with you on some of thise things!


My TT is at

Mary said...

I can't stand coconut, but Molly's #6 is one of my biggest pet peeves. Ever.

Rikki said...

Great random lists. I can relate to MANY of them, especially Molly's 3 and 4 and Andy's 3, 8 and 11. His 13th is great, too, LOL.

Carrie said...

Great lists!! Thank you for including the Yankees. :)

On a limb with Claudia said...

ahaahahahahhaha How fun to see both of your lists! They are so different! Thanks for sharing!

My expressions LIVE said...

Great lists....Add the White Sox to that list!

kandyblossom said...

Love the list. I can relate to a good many of them. Not the mushrooms though...I love those.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on many of these, especially getting up early & Reality TV.

Deanna said...

OMG Molly's #6 is such a horrible horrible thing!

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Both good lists (on Molly's, especially agree with the hateworthiness of mushrooms, plus I'm not partial in the least to spoilers; on Andy's I agree with the lists on demand).

Heather said...

Great lists. Molly, I am definitely with you on 1, 3, and 8 - esp 8. I got stuck in a virtual waiting room while trying to get tickets a few weeks ago and it was sooo painful!

Margot said...

Please let Andy do these more often!! I love seeing both lists. Very funny and fun.