Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ON FUN ~ Happy Tag...

Sandy at You've GOTTA Read This! wants to know 6 things that make us happy. Only six? Getting, being and staying happy are our life goals! To help narrow it down we've come up with 6 categories to put all of those happy things into. Here's what came to mind for us at this particular point in time - who knows when we'll get fickle and go in search of something new:

1. PERSON = Other people's kids - We don't have any of our own but love to be around the children in our life that belong to our family, friends and neighbors. Hopefully they consider us the fun Aunt & Uncle.

2. PLACE = Road Trips - Planning and taking trips are exciting. If we are driving to our destination we always take the scenic route. If we are taking other transportation to get there, we try to rent a vehicle upon arrival to take a cruise and explore. Hanging out with the locals and finding out their favorite spots is much more fun than checking things off the standard tourist list.

3. THING = Our fireplace - We had to move out of our house for 6 months when our addition was being built. The fireplace took shape early on during construction and for a long time was the only part of the house that was complete - just sitting there teasing us. So the very first thing we did when we were finally able to move back into our home was to celebrate with a big roaring fire in that fireplace that had been waiting patiently for us. It continues to create happy memories.

4. ANIMAL = Pets - Unconditional love is the greatest source of happiness. We are too lazy to have dogs and we both grew up with cats so we have kitties of our own. They are cute, soft, friendly, psychotic little furballs that make us laugh when they do their Fred Flintsone imitations scurrying around corners, crash into walls at full speed, and roll around on their backs begging for some string. We weren't too happy though when they knocked over the Christmas tree. That's why Andy sometimes prefers his pet fish (also a favorite of the cats).

5. FOOD = Pistachios for Andy, Peanut Butter for Molly - We are a little nutty. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give Andy is a bag of pistachios. And Molly always looks forward to a handful of Reese's mini peanut butter cups at the end of a long day. The little things create the biggest joy.

6. ACTIVITES = Concerts, Bar Trivia & Anything Sports Related - watching, playing, real, fantasy and even some friendly wagers ;0) - This is how we let loose, relax, and have fun. The happy trifecta here would be to go to a local bar with some live music in the background while we work our brain power playing trivia with the game on the big screen.

Now we are supposed to pass this along to 6 other people. But what would make us more happy (which is the goal here) would be to just introduce you to a new blogging friend of ours so that is what we are going to do. Hopefully one of the things that makes him happy is being tagged by a meme!!!

Go visit An Eerie Tapestry - that alone will make you happy.


Sandy Nawrot said...

You see, this is why I tagged you. I knew you wouldn't disappoint! I find myself nodding at many of these. We love a road trip, taking the detour, and wandering off course and talking to people. And you know we are kitty people too, four of them running amuck in our house. (I don't think you were reading me back around Christmas, but if you go back to December I posted about "Bad Cat" that chewed the wires to the lights and shocked the pee out of herself!) And yes, I have checked out your new friend's blog - awesome!

Lenore said...

Other people's kids make us happy too. They are always coming over to visit our cat (who is just lovely with children) and it is sooo cute to watch! Plus, they go home afterwards ;)

Margot said...

I so agree with you on the children thing. Now that mine are grown I want to be around the little people again. Ditto here on the road trips. Even though we are toting a big fifth wheel behind us we like to travel the back roads. Inter-state highways are all the same but the back roads are where you'll find the real people. It was fun hearing about what makes you both happy. I'm off to read your new friend's blog.

Janet said...

Although neither my brother nor I gave my parents biological grandchildren, they had many "adopted" grandchildren :-)

Mojo said...

Six huh?
My (grown) sons
My dog
My camera
My blog
My... uh...

Joyce said...

That was fun. You sound like such fun folks!

Thanks for stopping by my Ten on Tuesdays. Hey, you would really like Hayao Miyazaki's animated films. They have an 'all ages' appeal, because of the themes behind the stories. :)

An Eerie Tapestry said...

Many thanks for the free publicity; now I better go away and work on my happy list.