Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ON PHOTOS ~ Signs & Such...

Edition #34

Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES -
and the eye-catching signs & such we've come across in our travels...

1. Good advice from Baltimore:

2. Opposite advice from our hometown - or G rated commentary - we're not really sure which:

3. This place in Montreal is CLASSY, in case you didn't notice:

4. This place in Boston is NOT classy - but the food is yummy, trust us:

5. You will feel a little wobbly leaving apres ski festivities in this place at Killington, VT:

6. Canada's "walkin' man" doesn't wobble when he crosses the street because unlike his American counterpart, he has feet:

7. Red Sox fans were looking for something other than walks from pitcher Curt Schilling in the 2007 playoffs and left this sign of encouragement for him at the end of his driveway:

8. During the 2004 Championship parade, Red Sox players got a kick out of this fan's sign and waved it with glee (take that Evil Empire):

9. Lessons about real evil are forever marked in this stone at the Boston Holocaust Memorial:

10. A happier message was left on this cactus in a Hawaiian garden:

11. Gardens are pretty, but riding around in cities offers pleasing scenery as well:

12. If you remember Mr. Magoo then you can understand why riding behind this car might be troublesome:

13. Then again, being stuck behind a rich "Mass-hole" might be more annoying:

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Janet said...

ROFLMAO! What would you do if you were riding behind a car with the license plate GOLLUM?

jehara said...

these are great! i think the first is my favorite.

AD said...

ohhhhh love it :D

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Terry Kate said...

I was sad to miss Monday's Movie entry, but I am glad to catch this one! I wish I had found this before now.
Here goes,
Terry Kate

Hazel said...

Barking crab! that's interesting
no. 5 looks eerie, no. 7 sweet,
and we write things on cacti too in the Philippines :-) Happy T13

Smittenly Written said...

Fantastic...these are all really great...but I really love the Baltimore one best. How great is that?? Happy T13!!

I am Harriet said...

Good stuff! HA! :)

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

This was fun! Whenever I take photos of signs my husband makes fun of me. A mile from our house there was a sign that said FREE HOUSE and then at the bottom it said With Purchase of Barn. I loved that one! It did eventually sell, I mean who can pass up a free house?!

Paige Tyler said...

LOL! Fun TT!


My TT is at

Chris said...

great post :D

i beati said...

great fun especially the Jeter one ha ha looking good this year too. sandy

Stefany said...

I love the pics!

storyteller said...

Definitely a kewl series of photos today ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

The Gal Herself said...

I never noticed that the guy on the walk sign doesn't have feet! Now every time I see it I'll think of this TT.

jeng said...

Cool list!

Wanda said...

Delightful! I'm not sure which I like better, the pictures or your running commentary?!!