Friday, June 26, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ Cleveland Vows...


Cleveland Vows:

where previouslyMolly lamented about the state of the All Star game

By 1999, the Cleveland Indians had become the Red Sox' nemesis in the playoffs and that year's post-season was no different. Game 3 – American League Divisional Series - Red Sox versus Cleveland - best of 5. Martinez on the mound – Ramón – not Pedro. He gutted out a performance of a lifetime to keep the Sox alive having been down two games and ready to be bounced. We viewed this game at the bar of a Yacht Club on the North Shore of Boston where we were guests for our friends’ wedding occurring the next day. Andy was a groomsman. I recall that the bride took particular offense to my question as to whether or not the playoffs would be on a TV at the reception. I was told quite bluntly that it was her wedding and baseball should not be a priority.

The next evening at the wedding reception it was evident early on that true to the Bride’s claim, there was no TV readily available to watch the big game. Readily available being the key phrase in that sentence. Early on in the celebration friends would walk out to their cars and turn on the radio to get an update on the score. This was before everyone had cell phone live game score updates which would have been much easier. However, there is something to be said for listening to the action versus a few blips on a screen telling you the hard facts. The hard facts at the moment were that the Sox were running up the score on the Tribe which made for a more relaxing situation.

It did not take long however to figure out that the bartenders seemed to know exactly what was going on in the game. With enough prodding someone was able to get them to show the way to the secret room in the back with the TV tuned to the game. After finding my way back there I was struck humorously with the amount of people there from the Bride’s guest list. Kicked back, shoes and ties off, watching intensely as John Valentin had his way with the Tribe’s pitchers. On the way to a 23-7 playoff record margin of victory game for the Sox, I adjusted my priorities back to the celebration for the Bride and Groom and cheered their union, along with quiet high fives inside for the Sox.

next week, HONEYMOON, where baseball playoffs find a way into Molly & Andy's vacation as newlyweds...

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Chelle said...

We got married on the first night of the 04 World Series (personally not baseball fans). Despite the venue rules that the bartender was not allowed to listen to the radio (no tv in the place) we quickly let him know that regular score updates were expected for our guests.