Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ON BLOGGING ~ Off You Go!...

OK - so we are going to do something that goes against all blogging instincts - tell you to leave our blog. No, no, no - not forever! Just for today. You see, Molly has a new post out there in the blogosphere that she'd like you to go visit if you have the time, and the love, for your favorite Bumbles.

Those of you who have been visiting since our beginning on the blogosphere may remember the Gym Rats weekly feature where Molly shared observations on the people we saw working out around us at the gym. Quite the characters they were!

Well, if you click HERE you can read about how Molly found her way into a gym to begin with and tips for how that whole health battle unfolds. This is a Guest Post on a new website that may lead to another paid gig so go read and leave a comment over there to let them know what you think of her effort!

But don't forget to come back to the Bumbles eventually - we don't want to send you away forever!


Sandy Nawrot said...

OH, I do miss Gym Rats! I wish Molly would go back to that gym of dysfunction! Anyway, hubby is yelling at me to come listen to the healthcare plan Presidential address. I will head on over to comment my little butt off at your guest post soon!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

It's a wonderful post, and I especially commiserated with Molly's line: "While I was feeling sorry for myself and irritated with my husband’s good fortune ..."

WHENEVER I try to lose weight, and my husband just continues as always, HE loses weight, and I show every jelly bean! It can make one very crabby!

But anyway, I loved the post, and will see if I can also comment over there, in order to be Fair and Balanced.

Brenda ND said...

Gym Rats, Huh? Sounds fun. I like the picture of the rat working out.