Monday, September 14, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ Life Is Just A Fantasy...

I have always been a fan of football. Football provided me life lessons as a little girl by teaching me about the underdog, persistence, and that life, like sports, is not always fair. When I became a teenager I learned that football players were pretty damn hot, along with more life lessons about how working as a team is easier than going it alone, along with the pride felt in supporting your own. As a college student I found the experience of attending a professional game and got good lessons in humility and economics. And then, as an adult, I had sexism reinforced by none other than my own friends when they refused to admit me into their fantasy football league because I was a girl.

Screw that. This year, I am managing two fantasy football teams online in addition to participating in the same weekly football pick 'em pool that I have been playing for as long as I've been employed. Andy, not being sexist, recommended me to the commissioner of his new online fantasy football league and happily I was welcomed to join. To make sure my 5 male opponents knew where I was coming from, I named my team "GiselleWearsThePants" in honor of New England Patriots' Quarterback Tom Brady's supermodel wife. Andy's team name is "Brady Goes To Miami" reflecting the desire to see the Pats return to the Superbowl this year in Miami.

My other team is in an all-girl league run by Julie @ Momspective (it is open to both sexes but I believe in my particular division all teams are managed by women). Julie was not a fan of football but then her husband took the time to teach her the game and now they spend quality time together on Sundays. She participates in a Fantasy Football league with her neighbors and decided to try to convert other football widows into fans of the game themselves by setting up this online league through her blog. I named this team "Boston Babe" to show my regional leanings and because, who's to say I'm not?

For my Boston Babe team, the league was set up to draft our teams for us automatically. I wasn't all that stoked with the results and certainly would have done things differently selection wise given the opportunity.

For my Giselle team, we did a manual draft so I got to make all my own selections (like making sure Tom Terrific stayed at home where he belongs with GiselleWearsThePants). I was really pleased this time around - and ending up with the first pick overall didn't hurt. Luck of the random draft selection order draw - not because of ladies first.

So I have decided to let each of my teams go their own way. I am going to leave the Boston Babe lineup alone and only make personnel changes due to injury. I will actively make changes to the Giselle team if players aren't performing or irritate me in general. I think it will be interesting to see how they do comparatively. I'll let you know as the season progresses.

And for the record, I had a blast seeing my research come to fruition on draft night and loved the rush of snagging a player from my competition. I stressed during the week setting my starters and deciding who to leave on the bench. I had a heart attack when one of my bench players (Steelers' Santonio Holmes) tallied up a ridiculous amount of points on the bench meaning they didn't count toward my team's score. And I had a bit of overload trying to keep track of both teams, in addition to my regular pool picks, while the games were going on. But now that the first week is under my belt, I am more comfortable and excited to follow the game that I love even more closely than before by learning more about the people (aka players) involved. A rooting interest is all you need to fit in and have fun. And beating the boys doesn't hurt either. (sorry Honey)

Boston Babe (Molly's Team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 0-1
(modifying this lineup for injuries only, ladies league)

GiselleWearsThePants (Molly's team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 0-1
Brady Goes To Miami (Andy's team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 1-0
~head to head (Molly vs. Andy) = Not Yet
(actively modifying this lineup, up against the boys)


Sandy Nawrot said...

You are an inspiration Molly! Don't let those guys buffalo you into the sidelines! I'm totally going to have to send this post to my Boston friends!

Julie@Momspective said...

It's hard to remember who you have on what team and keeping it all straight! I was watching Football last night and was trying to remember who I had where and who I was against. Whew!

ds said...

I can't keep the players on the real teams straight, much less have to manage a fantasy team (or two)! Kudos to you--and Sandy's right, don't let the guys send you to the sidelines. Hold your ground!!

NeCole@Eclectic Ecstasy said...

I'm making the rounds to just say a friendly hello on all the blogs owned by the ladies in our league. Looking forward to an eventual matchup.

stacybuckeye said...

GiselleWearsthePants totally rocks! Love it.

Matty said...

Um, you go girl.

AlliC said...

I was lucky in that when I was working, the guys in the office let me join their league. I held my own, and joked with them about being beat by a girl. It was so much fun, and I was HOOKED! Now, my husband and I have a league together - 3 teams each, and we're seeing who comes out on top. It is so much fun!

PS, I am RedskinsRock! in the Momspective II league!