Monday, April 5, 2010

ON FUN ~ Bumbles Exposed...

So today (mostly out of lack of inspiration) we are offering you, dear readers, an opportunity to ask us anything.  And we'll answer it.

The only thing we won't answer is our last name and our address.  Other than that?  Go for it.

We're curious to find out what you want to know.  And hopefully you're curious enough to actually ask us something.  Otherwise this post will be fairly boring.  And that would be a shame, since our goal is to entertain.

So ask us whatever you'd like.  Something personal about ourselves, our opinions on something in the world, something funny, something deep.  Whatever strikes your fancy.  Leave your question in the Comments and we'll respond to it there.  And when you're done, stop by Bumble Town and share some information about yourself with the community.  If you don't, we'll just make stuff up about you there (ha ha!) ;0)


Lin said...

So, other than Brad and Angelina--if there was a movie made of your lives, who would play you?? And don't be giving the "Lucy and Desi" answer--I want something creative and spunky as your answer.

The Bumbles said...

Well Lin. Lets see. Am I picking actors who emulate our personalities, looks or what we wish the world would think of us?

I suppose Tina Fey would be a good representative of my personality. And she's a brunette like me. And she shares my political views. So that's my choice.

As for Andy, who is not here at the moment to speak for himself, I would say that Viggo, Depp or Clooney should play him. If I'm going to have to watch a movie about our lives, I'm gonna want to see one of those babes saying my name romantically. It is kind of like when I watch Ghost and get to hear Patrick Swayze say sweet things to Molly all movie long. :0)

If I have to pick an actual existing couple? Gracie Allen & George Burns - they were funny with a long, loving marriage. Seeing him visit her tomb on 60 Minutes just about made me cry. Not a very sexy representation, but a pairing that seemed to have gotten it right.

Little Ms Blogger said...

How did you and Andy meet?

Dang, I'm stumped @ the moment, but love when people open up the blog to questions, but somewhat of a chicken to do it.

But I know I'll have more and will come back...

The Bumbles said...

Andy and I met in college. He would say that he first saw me at a keg party hosted by some classmates of his who were my friends and that when he spoke to me I blew him off.

I would say that I don't recall specifically the first time I saw him (sadly I was probably blowing him off in the middle of a fun party) but the first time I met him he had just moved into my friends' apartment. I came over to keep my friend company and he was shy, staying out of the way watching TV while we went out to hang on the porch. He looked familiar (again, the busy party blow-off scene) and from that day forward I learned how cool he was. We were friends for a long time before we began dating.

Susan said...

Well, darn it! Lin's question answered two of mine! What do you look like and how do you lean politically (which I know is like a loaded gun and I don't normally ask that question of people, because it usually becomes pretty obvious within the first hour of knowing them). Somehow I knew you were like Tina Fey!!!! She's my favorite snarky comedian! Snarky people just find each other somehow! And politically, you and I lean on the same side of the fence.

Oh, this is fun!!! Okay, so, if your life was a song, what would it be?

~Bry~ said...

no question here.....but just was going to respond to your comment on my blog.

Oh yeah.....that hurt yesterday.It is so painful to be a cubs fan some times.

I did hear the Boston pulled it out though!

Yay for Baseball!

The Bumbles said...

Susan - if our life or my life were a song? Meaning which song lyrically represents our/my life thus far? Or which one speaks to us most on a personal level?

The song Alice's Restaurant is generically representative of me because it is humorous and rambles on and on and on about the escalation of small things into major issues. I like that - that's the way things always happen to me. Something minor becomes something major. And I can never shut up about things so it takes me a long time to get all the details out.

I'll have to ask Andy for a lyrical song interpretation - that's more his arena. Check back again later for that.

As for songs that are special to us, they are:
-Blue Sky, The Allman Bros. Band (this was our wedding dance song)
-Loving Cup, Rolling Stones
(this song convinced Andy that he was ready to propose)
-Loving You (Is Sweeter Than Ever), Eric Clapton
(Andy played this song along with the above two when he proposed)

And then we have a constant battle over Led Zeppelin (Molly) and Bob Dylan (Andy). Neither of us feels the other respects those artists enough - while we each claim we give them exactly the amount of respect they deserve.

Janet said...

Do you think being friends first makes for a strong, deeper relationship?

The Bumbles said...

Janet - let me just say this. Of all the people I dated in my life, only one of them was a stranger when we met. And that was the worst relationship of my life. I thank God I got out of that one when I did - I can see the hell I would have been trapped in and it would have been suffocating. Luckily for me, my next relationship was with reliable old Andy - who treated people, and me specifically, with kindness and respect.

A strong romantic relationship/marriage/partnership is one where your mate is your dearest friend. So to me it only makes sense that if you were friends first, that will only provide a strong foundation taking things to the next level.

But what about those other friends I dated that I didn't end up marrying? I have stayed friends with all of them. We recognized early enough in the relationship that we were better suited as friends and went back to those roles. The friendships didn't suffer for it. It brought us closer together.

Little Ms Blogger said...

You opened the door to this question...if you really have only dated friends and remained close afterwards, how did Andy handle that?

The Bumbles said...

Well look at Little Ms. coming back with a second question! :0)

Andy and I were friends for many years throughout and after college. We had a large circle of friends and every now and then, people would date each other.

It was just the group we grew up being a part of. Neither of us are jealous people about our pasts because we were each there and a part of each other's lives when it was going on.

lovesmukiwa said...

So here is my question.... When you are browsing through other peoples blogs, what do you find most interesting to read?

The Bumbles said...

Lovesmukiwa - I actually most enjoy reading personal reflections/stories on other blogs. I like to get to go beyond the blog so to speak - to know who I'm dealing with - if we have anything in common - or if there are new experiences I could learn from. I particularly love to laugh - so I enjoy when a blogger interjects some humor to their topic.

Posts sharing tips are also eye catching for me. Even if it isn't a topic I know anything about, chances are I might know someone it could be of interest to and will share it or refer people over.

Andy doesn't do much blog hopping. He enjoys music memes, discussions, recordings, etc. And beer. I found him a website where the blogger tries and reviews a different microbrew every day. He thought that was pretty fun. I'm surprised he hasn't started doing that on our blog as an excuse to drink more beer ;0)

Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm getting in on this late, I apologize. Kids are on Spring Break, so my time is not my own! Anyway, I'm not trying to start anything, but what would you say is Andy's biggest foible or flaw, and what would he say about yours?

Anonymous said...

Well, since you liked Maria Semple's answer last week I'll ask you the same one. If you were trapped in the life of a fictional character which character would you choose?

Dave and Tami said...

Pardon us for being a day late - but that pretty much tells you all you need to know about us - so about you.

If you had to narrow it down to one (or maybe two) books to be stranded on an island with, what would they be?

Also, we have that same "lack of respect for Bob Dylan" thing going at our house.

The Bumbles said...

Sandy - Andy's biggest flaw is that he is too loyal. He would go down with the Titanic if asked. This is a huge plus in a marriage. Not so much in other realms like an employer going under or when supporting the lowly Bruins.

I don't have any flaws. I asked. Andy provided a deep sigh and said he didn't know. Which either means he is smart or exhausted. So when I nagged him further, he said it was my inability to have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work. Which can't be true because he gets home from work before I do. So again, I must be flawless ;0)

The Bumbles said...

Stacy - I want to be Scout. I feel such a strong affinity to her anyway, so I might as well be trapped in To Kill A Mockingbird with an awesome dad and a more simple time. True, there were also more simple minds then too - but my awesome dad makes sure I don't become like them. And if Truman Capote - er, I mean Dill - were my neighbor in the summers it sure would be entertaining!

The Bumbles said...

Tami - Andy said he would want to have some sort of reference book like an Encyclopedia because it would have lots of information to occupy your time rather than being stuck with reading the same book over and over and over.

I myself would want to have some type of survival guide. How to build a fire without a match - what plants are edible - stuff like that.

War & Peace would be great because there is so much thought provoking stuff to ponder. And you could act out all the drama if you were bored. It would take a long time to memorize your favorite lines. And when you were done, you could use it for firewood.

Another option would be the Bible. Spiritual reflection in times of stress, interesting stories. Something I've never read through entirely and probably never will. But being stuck on an island would be a great time to get to it.

Forgetfulone said...

How long have the two of you been together? What line of work are each of you in? And last, do you consider yourselves "pro-bloggers" or do you just blog for fun?

The Bumbles said...

Forgetfulone - Andy & I have known each other for 19 years. We were friends for 4 1/2 years. We dated for 7 years. We've been married for 7 1/2 years.

Andy works for a General Contractor in the construction industry. I work for a Financial Planner. Both of us has been in the same line of work since graduating from college.

I would not consider us to be Pro Bloggers since my definition of that is someone that blogs professionally - making a living off of their blog. We do this on the side for kicks, and for free. But some day - it would be really cool if I could make enough money writing for other sites or selling something of our own to be consider blogging pros.

The Bumbles said...

Edit - that comment above should have said either:

"EACH of us has been in the same line of work..."


"Both of us HAVE been in the same line of work..."

Anonymous said...

Scout's a very good choice :)

Forgetfulone said...

Love that you corrected your grammar! I doubt any of us even noticed that. And even if you don't consider yourselves pro bloggers, I think you're pretty great.