Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ON SPORTS ~ A Little of Everything for Everyone...

I have been reading about many of your days out shuttling the kids to and from soccer and baseball games. And I have seen many of you displaying your rooting interests in the pro playoffs. Some of you are lamenting softball injuries while others are stepping up workouts by running more often. Kids are playing, adults are playing, and there is something for everyone to watch - hockey playoffs, basketball playoffs, baseball inter-league series, World Cup soccer and of course, Tiger's escapades on and off the golf course. Here's how sports have been playing roles in our world lately - how about you?

We were invited to take in a Sox/Yankees game from behind home plate and took great joy in seeing a victory:

Wishing we could trade a Flyers defeat in the Winter Classic for a playoff series victory over them, we cried it out when the Bruins became the biggest chokers in hockey history (the Yankees still hold that title in overall sports history):

We sucked it up and showed our faces in Philadelphia, listening to gloating Flyers fans while taking in a Sox/Phillies game which featured a near no-hitter from Daisuke Matsuzaka (affectionately called Dicey-K for his normally dicey up and down pitching):

Andy's softball team, the Longshots, has its first ever winning season with himself as manager. They even brought home the Copa de Baby Jeter:

We enjoyed seeing the Celtics take out Sandy's Magic, but are crossing fingers, toes and eyes to try and help them BEAT LA for the title once again:
Image courtesy doroquez @ Flickr

In a few weekends we are headed down to CT to visit Molly's folks and attend a day of the PGA Travelers Championship. Molly sure hopes dreamy Camilo Villegas and his Spiderman moves make an appearance:
Image source unknown - found everywhere on Google


rhapsodyinbooks said...

We got to see Villegas when he was playing in the Tucson match play. Very cute, and the most amazing posture I've ever beheld! (I know, I know, who looks at his posture?!!)

Mary said...

Wow, congrats to Andy and the Longshots (LOVE the logo!). I wonder if Villegas will be at Whistling Straits in August. My husband and kids will be going (sorry, I gave up on golf as a teen). What an amazing photo.

I've moved my blog to wordpress:

McGillicutty said...

My eldest is expressing an interest in baseball... hmm i need to find out more about it.
I personally am looking forward to the World Cup... which one? the only one of couse! England V USA this Sat on ESPN.

kaye said...

Sounds like sports are keeping you busy--like the logo too.

Matty said...

Tickets behind the plate at a Sox/Yanks game? WOW! You need to introduce me to your friends.

And yes, I am lamenting a softball injury. Dag-nabbit.

I love the idea of the Baby Jeter trophy. This year our team could use one of those, since we're at the bottom of the standings.

Go Celtics!

lovesmukiwa said...

not one word of world cup soccer? For shame.