Thursday, August 19, 2010

ON BLOGGING ~ Yes, I Kiss Andy With That Mouth...

BlogAnon: Joy of Confession

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Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

Well I swear! No really. I swear. A lot. The "F-word" is my favorite adjective. At work, at home and at play. Bet you didn't know that about me. Well, maybe you do if I've exchanged a colorful e-mail conversation with you. And you probably know that at least I'm not offended by it based on some of my movie selections during the Monday Movie Meme. But you won't find it used here.

I'm not trying to be someone different here in the blogosphere. I would find it dishonest and stressful to keep up another persona all the time. What you read here are my real thoughts (and occasionally Andy's too) and our real discoveries in our real world. Minus the F-bombs. I just think it looks forced or fake or crude when I read cursing in print. Even when it isn't. I don't know why it seems that way to me. It just does. If I were to tell you face to face about my fantasy baseball team's piss poor performance today it would go a little something like this:

"F*CK! I can't believe both of my pitchers sucked so bad tonight. F*uckers. What the f*ck does a Bumble have to do to get a f*cking win around here?! This blows. F*ck f*ck f*ck!"

I seriously had a fairly close approximation to that quote when I turned on my laptop to see how the 'ole team was doing. And when the words flowed from my mouth, they had a nice rhythm, a nice flow. Lots of expressive quality and panache. But when I read the transcription - it looks so.....tawdry. Sensationalized. Like I'm using those words to sound cool or grab attention. Screw that. I use those words because it just comes naturally and feels lively and right. Text based communication loses that in translation.

Another reason I don't swear in print is that I never know who is stopping by. Again, I'm not trying to put up a polite front or something. I just don't want to run people off when otherwise we would have lots to share. I do have a filter. It kicks in when I'm at work away from the confines of my cubicle or if I am hanging out socially with kiddos and respected elders. I don't meet someone for the first time, shake their hand and say "How the f*ck are ya?" So when every day a new visitor might come along here, I want them to meet me in a more filtered manner as well.

The last reason I keep the F-word to myself within posts is that I might want to refer future business opportunities to this blog as examples of who I am, what I have to say and how I say it. Or someone might find this blog in doing their own research into my employment potential and I wouldn't want to lose out on a pay day because I sounded like a sailor and some other beyotch came out squeaky clean.

So basically, it doesn't look right to me, it might deter others from hangin' out and it might keep me from being hired. I don't begrudge others who say f*ck it and express themselves in text the way they do verbally. I will admit that for me it will always look like they are trying too hard to be cool, even when I know that isn't the case. And therefore I usually end up staying away. In my opinion, it is a hell of a lot harder to tell a tale in this modern world without using the most versatile word in our language than it is to just drop that mo-fo in there wherever warranted. So I opt for the more challenging path. And if you disagree, go f*ck yourself.

Do you swear more or less on your blog than you do in person? Do you think negatively about blogs that curse? Or do you enjoy those that take off the filter completely? Are you concerned about how your online presence reflects on you in the eyes of others? Or you do you just say "f*ck it - it's a personal blog?"

14 comments: said...

So can I curse in the comments? I used to have a mouth like a red headed trucker, but my boyfriend politely mentioned one day that he didn't like it. Since then I have tried to tone it down. (and I didn't mean any offense to the red headed truckers of the world. How the hell are you by the way?)

You are dead on with saying that while the f-bomb can have many meanings when spoken out loud it comes off forced and just not right in in writing. Plus, you can bet your bottom dollar that the minute I start cussing up a storm, is the minute that some employer would be googling my a$$ and find that.

Woo, that felt great to get that out there. Thanks for letting me share!

The Bumbles said...

Gwen - Swearing is always allowed here in the Comments - as long as people aren't telling others to Eff Off. It does not offend the Bumbles and in this more conversational environment it seems to ring more true than when reading posts.

I don't know what I would do if Andy wanted to wash my mouth out with soap - I'm not sure I could turn my filter into a muzzle. Feel free to use all your curse words here when your boyfriend isn't looking ;0)

By the way - I highly recommend the documentary "F*CK" - entertaining, thought provoking and historical.

cardiogirl said...

Yes. I swear crazily on my blog, but try not to in real life since my kids are always listening in.

It seems like fuck is everyone's favorite go-to word, doesn't it? It's mine. I scream it in my head on a regular basis.

jehara said...

I curse way more than I do on my blog. I really don't curse on my blog but every great once in a while I will slip in the f word, which happens to be my favorite curse word. It has such a nice ring to it and is strangely satisfying to say.

I don't mind blogs that curse, although I don't find many that do. But if it's all curse and no substance, no thanks.

lovesmukiwa said...

So I started to post a comment about how I curse to the extreme and I almost busted out in a Vanilla Ice Rap with my own adaptation...
"To the extreme I roc a curse like a vandal..."

Sometimes I have no idea how the synapses in my brain make these irrelevant connections.

I LOVE to swear. I swear at every opportunity that presents itself. I do not however, use the same language on my blog as I do in daily life. I think I am hoping one day my mom might stop by my blog and I would hate to ruin her image of me.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm right there with ya, Molly. I've been swearing like a trucker since I was in my teens. I will use other swearish words (hell, damn, crap, etc.) but never my favorite word, because you are right. It doesn't come across well on blogs. It sounds trashy I guess. AND I've got my mother, my kids' teachers and all other walks of life checking in too. IRL, you will hear the word come out of my mouth, but I do have to be careful and save it only for the important things, as I do have impressionable children around with really big ears.

stacybuckeye said...

The 'f word' really is the most versatile swear word. I've used it in a variety of ways and have been pretty happy with the results ;) Although I don't swear a lot I swear enough to know that I'll need to be more careful when the baby comes. When I read that the baby started hearing things last month and would know my voice I immediately swore because I am already giving my baby a potty mouth! Bad Mommy.
I very rarely throw a mild swear word into a post, but try to keep it clean for all of the reasons you mention. But sports and board games are two times I let the fun words fly.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I conserve all of my cursing energy for driving.

Dave and Tami said...

My family would attest that I can let a blue streak go on occasion - and I admit random cuss words may pepper my daily speech, but I keep it off the blog - even to the point of [bleeping] them from book quotes. The reason for that is just what you said about not knowing who'll drop by - I don't want to chase someone away over something so minor.

Also - it may have to do with my generation. F-bombs were unheard of in our youth except in extreme situations and never in public. I have been known to unfollow people on Twitter because of the number of f-bombs per sentence. It's all in moderation.

Penny said...

Do you swear more or less on your blog than you do in person? Less. I try not to curse because I don't want to offend anyone. I don't swear all the time, it just depends I guess.

Do you think negatively about blogs that curse? Or do you enjoy those that take off the filter completely? I don't really mind, I guess, either way. There is one blog I visit from time to time that has NO filter at all. Some of the things that are written are WAY out of line, according to me. I don't mind the "F" word but the blog author has an amazing ability to string together the dirtiest words, acts, thoughts together to convey disgust and I honestly grimace most of the time. Not for me. It does deter my visiting.

Are you concerned about how your online presence reflects on you in the eyes of others? Or you do you just say "f*ck it - it's a personal blog?" HAHA. I love this question: and in a way Yes. I think my blog is an accurate representation of me. I don't use a lot of swearing in "real life" so I don't convey in the blog. I have been known to write "F*ck" as it is seen there. Or "Eff" or freakin'. I'm more of a "SWEET PETE" type of gal :)

kaye said...

well other than calling the grandkids *little shits* now and again I don't swear. But I believe everybody has a right to their own style of speaking.

McGillicutty said...

my sentiments exactly although I have dropped it in a few times in my blog.... even doing a whole post on the word.. prefaced with the warning it was not for the faint hearted. I'm English... it's our favorite word.
My kids are intrigued by my blog and they know they're not allowed to read but you're right.. you never know who is checking in.

Beth F said...

I'm a gutter mouth in real life. I hate to alienate readers so I'm all sweetness and light on my blog. LOL

Lisa said...

I'm pretty much filter-less most of the time as well. But there are places and times where/when it's necessary--something I had to teach my kids early on since neither the hubs or I are very good at cleaning it up in the confines of our own home. But it always does seem a little forced when it's written--that is strange, isn't it?!