Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ON FUN ~ What Do Tempurpedic & Green Lights Have In Common?...

I was just sitting here watching a re-run of The Office and chuckling at how happy Michael & Dwight were for scoring a big, ugly, purple bean bag at the dump which was going in the break room to be reserved for their use only.  Woo-hoo!  It's the little things that make us happy most of the time.

Sure, the BIG things make us most happy - like love.  But they don't come around every day.  No.  So to keep that happy feeling alive, we turn to the little things.  Like catching that Office re-run that you've never seen before.  Or a Seinfeld re-run that you've seen so many times you know it by heart - and still laugh.

Discovering a five dollar bill in your winter coat pocket the first time you pull it out of storage on a miserably cold day.

Turning on your car just as a favorite oldie but goodie begins to play on the radio.

Giggling children.

A pet bounding to greet you.

Brownie fudge cake heated to perfection.


Control over the remote.

A book that has an ending you can't stop thinking about.

Discovering a free cable channel that shows movies without commercials.

The DVR.

Having the house all to yourself for an entire day.

Hitting nothing but green lights.

Having your hair come out randomly perfect on a day other than when you have the house to yourself.

The unexpected loss of a pound.

Ice cold Coke on a hot summer day.

Capturing an awesome photo of a toddler who never stops moving.

Tempurpedic pillows.

Making it to the gas station on fumes.

Flowers for no reason.

Discovering your hotel room actually has a good view.

A healthy check-up.


Comments on your blog.

What little things keep you happy between the big things?


cardiogirl said...

Finishing the magazine article you were reading in the waiting room just before they call your name. (So *that's* who did the voice of Colette Tatou in the Pixar movie "Ratatouille.")

Penny said...

Awwww...I am in love with this post :) :) :)

A few of mine are similar to yours ♥
-Pet boudning to greet you
-A book that has an ending that you can't stop thinking about.
-Ice cold coke...whenever, where ever!
-A random card in the snail mail just to say "Hi" or "You're amazing"
-The smell of the Potomac or the Bay on a cold day and the wind is incredibly crisp
-The right song at the right time
-When I learn a new song on my guitar and it just CLICKS...
-Coffee in the morning
-A great conversation with a friend

kaye said...

what a wonderful list.

reading it made me smile :)

LJ said...

I SOOOOOO could have written this list. With the exception of the Temperpedic pillow. Don't have any, but have heard wonders about them. We're even considering purchasing a Temperpedic bed. Maybe if we buy the bed they might throw the pillows in for free - that would really bring me much joy.

The Book Chook said...

Making it home from the morning walk just before the skies open and the streets become rivers.
The smell of fresh bread.
Nuzzling a baby's head.
Raindrops on spider webs.
A chink of sunshine angling down through the clouds.
Squishing the caterpillar that's been eating my roses- (yes, I have a dark side!) said...

Posts like this make me very happy!

*The dog actually doing what I tell him to do.
*My favorite shows all lining up just right for the DVR.
*Getting a package in the mail.(even if I already know that it is coming)
*Kicking the real contestants rear ends on Jeopardy.
*any day that it doesn't rain or
I don't have to wear multiple layers.


Margot said...

Great post to start off the Thanksgiving Season. I'll say ditto to your list (excluding pillows) and add a couple:

*the look on my granddaughters' faces when they see me.

*the smell of dirt in the early spring garden.

*the smell of coffee when the can is first opened. (I don't drink the stuff but I love the smell.)

*headphones so my music and audio books get right inside me. my husband bought something similar for the tv so when I'm watching Seinfeld he doesn't have to hear it. yes, his sense of humor is way off.

*my new Kindle and the invention of it and e-books

Kathleen said...

A nice glass of wine after a long day at the office. Receiving flowers "just because". Watching my puppy leap around in the fall leaves. To name a few...

Lynn said...

Love our Tempurpedic bed and can only imagine how great the pillows are :)

Lin said...

Being able to sleep in on a snowy/rainy day. :)

I liked your list very much. I think most of yours are mine.

jehara said...

-getting chipotle for lunch.

-my weekly phone dates with my best friend.

-trying a new dish at a favorite restaurant.

-a cup of lavender tea.

-walking around the city and discovering new-to-me things.


-being warm in cozy in my blankets, reading a good book.

-sleeping in on sunday morning.

-sunday morning yoga.

Anonymous said...

Just recently Gage has actually started looking at me for minutes at a time :) I could steal most of your list too.

Matty said...

Your little things really are the big things. The simple things in life can really be the things that bring us the most joy.

An unexpected email from someone asking how you are, or just to say hi.

Better yet, an actual handwritten letter from them.

A phone call from someone just to chat.

Finding the last Reese's Peanut Butter Cup at the store.

Sitting in the right place when a foul ball comes your way.

Thinking of friends while sitting in a restaurant in Pittsburgh, and wondering what they would think of it.