Thursday, June 30, 2011

ON BLOGGING ~ You Say Tomato...

BlogAnon: Joy of Confession

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Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

Cathy of Kittling: Books has a favorite feature of mine called Scene of the Blog where she features a different blogger each week and lets us peek into their world behind the scenes to see where all of their blogging takes place. For me it feels like getting to snoop into someone's medicine cabinet. Secrets, gossip, tell-tale clues and some things to experiment with for when I have the blogging blues.

I find it fascinating to see all the different ways and environments that folks use for blogging. Some are very organized and have special spaces. Others don't have a plan or space at all - they just blog on the go. Some have panoramic views, some use the blog as their view into the world. But all of these different ways result in the same thing...a blog to be proud of.

I am training a new co-worker at my office. Although we are very similar, there are some skills and comfort levels that are different between us. It is important to remember as I train her that my way isn't the right way - it is just the right way for me. She has her own way of doing things. As long as each way gets us both to the same result in the same amount of time, it doesn't really matter.

Blogging is no different than my training lessons at work. The time of day that I blog, the type of equipment I use, the setting I seek and the methods I use aren't going to be the same as another blogger. But it doesn't mean my way is better or worse than another. It is all about finding the combination that works best for me to be able to accomplish the goals or desires I have for this blog.

I can post lots of tips here and complain about blogging issues that bug the crap out of me. But they are just one way of looking at things. They are not a "how to" for bloggers. They are simply something to consider. Maybe they inspire, suggest or reinforce a similar or opposing belief on how to get things done. The goal is that they create thought and lead the blogger to engage, share or act. Whether they choose to agree or disagree isn't my concern. That they find a way to blog happily in the method that works best for them is the goal.

Has anyone ever tried to force their blogging methods on you? What do you do when you have a suggestion for a blogger? What is the one thing that makes your blogging process best for you?


Sandy Nawrot said...

I tend to be a control freak, so when it comes to the way I blog, I have to remember to just keep my mouth shut. I certainly don't have all the answers! When I was working and I trained people, it was hard for me to "let them go" and do it their own way once they learned the ropes. I wish you luck in this! I know you have been working there a long time so it must feel very proprietary.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

If I have a suggestion AND it's a blog I care enough about, I email the person.

Tami said...

I have a few blogging pet peeves and usually if a blogger violates them too much, I just quit reading their blog. The #1 violation would be content that is primarily bragging and continual lists of "look what I got free" or "look how much I read" - Information that is not helpful or interesting to the average reader.

I do love when others share ideas on how/what to write and how to maintain a blog. Ideas that, as Oprah would say, "have a take-away" - something I can take and use from that information.

You recently posted about having too many topics listed in the side-bar - that is could be confusing to readers. I realized that you were right and I was guilty. I used your idea to adapt my own plan and I think the blog is better for it.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Hmmmm....what a very interesting and time appropriate post for me.

I'm offered to volunteer for Community Plates, a local non-profit organization that rescues food from restaurants and grocery stores for shelters. I had met the exec dir at someplace and blogged about them on my blog. When I told him I could give some administrative in between my extremely frustrating job search, he said he knew exactly what he wanted me to do for them - manage their blog.

He wants 3 posts per week, but after looking through some of his posts, I hope he's open to the idea of my style (more personal). Currently, there is great factual information posted on it, but in a clinical manner. Ummmm...not me.

I'll discuss with him next week and hope he bites. Although my personal blog is anonymous, I'll be posting as me for the organization. Should be interesting.

Forgetfulone said...

Blogging is personal, so I won't impose my style on anyone. If I don't like what the blogger is writing about or saying, I just delete them from the reader.

Susan said...

LOL, Molly! You are the MOST gentle of critics, or should I say, encouragers! :) I compare you to my once-upon-a-time piano teacher (when I was in my 30's) who tried ever-so-politely and gently to force me to play certain songs. It didn't work for her either. ;-)

I am going to try the label thing, though. I find it daunting myself to locate what I want on my blog.

Matty said...

I never make suggestions to other bloggers. It's their blog.

I hate it when someone (usually a popular blogger with a large following) runs off a post about the things they hate that other bloggers do. As if because they have a huge following, that it gives them the right to make the rules.

I usually ignore advice from others, unless it's from someone I admire and respect. Then I'll consider what they have to say.

I can't say that I have a "process". However, I do prefer being home alone or at least quiet time when I blog. Since my wife still hasn't fully accepted my blogging, she often interrupts me. I can't say that it's intentional, but it can be annoying.

Beth F said...

I'd offer advice only if I have a relationship with that blogger and then only via email or a DM on twitter. I don't have all the answers -- or maybe even any answers.

Anonymous said...

I love vistiting different blogs and having them feel different, so I would hope that each blogger has the confidence to do it their own way. That said, once a realtionship is formed I think it's okay to offer suggestions. I haven't received many, but did receive one last week that stung a little and then got me thinking.
I have not offered suggestions, but have answered questions if asked directly. It's a fine balance.

kaye said...

I agree with Beth and feel like everyone has a right to run their blog their own way. If something irritates me (like too many widgets for the page to load) I don't say anything to the blog owner.

On the other hand I have had some good constructive tips passed on to me that I have implemented and I feel like I have a visitor friendly blog now. I'm always looking for tips to make my place friendly for me and visitors.