Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ON FAMILY ~ Sweet Dreams...

A few weekends ago, I went out for the night to babysit our friends' nearly-three-year-old twin sons. Andy stayed behind to take care of Sammy. Both of us spent the evening awake, checking in on sleeping boys. I did this by the traditional route, reading a book downstairs with one ear on the ceiling above, poking my head in their rooms here and there to make sure all was well. Andy had the luxury of our video monitor to keep watch over Sammy. But being the good hubby that he is, he decided to document Sammy's sleep for me. We like to take notes on what time he falls asleep, wakes up and eats just to keep track of his patterns. Andy went above and beyond that call of duty, documenting all the different positions Sammy got himself into throughout the night. See for yourself...

7:10 - SLEEP
7:35 - Go Bruins! (Andy was watching the hockey game)
7:46 - Hi Mommy
7:47 - Point (Saturday Night Fever dance move) - Go PATS (Patriots game the next day)
7:58 - Daddy ordered pizza
7:59 - Where's Monkey? (Sammy's favorite blanky toy)
8:50 - Almost an hour (asleep) - Bruins 3-1! (score update)
8:55 - TD Pats (hands over the head = Touch Down)
9:29 - Daddy's listening to the Dead so I have to dance (the Grateful Dead are one of Andy's favorite bands)

9:39 - B's are going to win, Daddy's happy and I'm still asleep
9:49 - I was in this position but returned to this
9:50 - 6-2 Bruins! I wonder if Tedy is in his bed (Tedy the cat is scared of the hockey horn whenever the Bruins score a goal)
10:42 - Dreaming about Patriots touch downs on Sunday (I'm just curious what Andy was doing the past hour instead of drawing)

10:57 - I hope that Trey and Ryan behaved (the twins I was babysitting)
11:00 - I wonder what I will learn tomorrow (awwwwww)
11:29 - On the move
11:31 - I'm scratching my face now but I'm asleep. Daddy is running out of witty things to write. I've noticed that I have grown in these illustrations.

11:35 - Moving again. I may wake up this time
11:38 - Still moving - Kick, Punch & Shake
11:39 - Asleep??
11:41 - Daddy's rocking out to Neil Young - I don't hear it though
11:45 - Moving

11:47 - I rolled over today! I shouldn't move that much because Daddy has to write more
11:52 - Daddy's getting tired. He thinks I'm going to sleep till 5AM. Good night! (he did sleep until after 5AM - and his Daddy got up and fed him)

I am thankful this holiday for such a wonderful, thoughtful, caring and entertaining husband - the best father Sammy could ever hope to have. I am also thankful for a baby that likes to sleep through the night - through lots of wiggling.


Julie said...

Too cute! I love how little Sammy keeps us with the Bruins :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

What a sweet picture, and what great documentation! :--)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Kaye said...

Andy is one fantastic father! Sammy is just too adorable. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Next year, Sammy will be eating turkey.

Lin said...

Oh man, you people need a hobby!! Hahaha! Just kidding--that is very funny! And sweet that Daddy was watching Sammy's every move for the entire night. :) Nice to see dads like that.

Happy Thanksgiving, pally!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Hahaha! Now, it is THAT sense of humor that is going to keep you all sane, all the way through the teen years. Love it. And he is getting so big! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

Jenny Girl said...

This is just so damn cute! Sammy himself, the drawings, it's too cute!!!
Have a great holiday weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet (Sammy and Andy). Sammy is adorable and turning over is big :) I think you are very smart to be thankfully for the men in your life. I know I am!

ds said...

SUCH a cutie (both of them)! Save that paper; it will amaze you even more someday. It is priceless. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness Molly you have a precious son AND husband on your hands. These drawings are a wonderful keepsake. I'm sure your son will love seeing them someday. And any dad that has Grateful Dead playing while his son is sleeping gets an A+ from an old Dead Head like me! LOL!

Janet said...

awww!!! That was so cute :-)

Margot said...

Molly, this was such fun to read. You are truly blessed with both baby and it's daddy. Please save those doodles in some safe place. (You will need them in about 12 to 15 years.) Sammy has a great childhood ahead of him. There's no doubt he'll be a sports fan.