Sunday, October 26, 2008

ON SPORTS & MUSIC ~ TB Rays Sorry Theme Song...

The Tampa Bay (formerly "Devil") Rays need a new theme song BAD. And they need it now!

It is quite frankly embarrassing that the AL representative in the World Series has THIS song blasting through speakers (in a dome, with catwalk rules - which is an entirely different problem) every time a home run or victory occurs.

When the lyrics are printed out in front of you it actually gets worse than hearing the song - which is performed by Living Under Venus/Darren Moore - a Canadian band from Winnipeg that has found a niche in writing theme songs for crappy baseball teams, and figure skating routines...

"It's another beautiful day in sunny Tampa Bay.
You'll feel the heat intensified, exposed to our Rays.
The stands will start to rumble, as the board is lit.
The thunder of voices chanting, Welcome to the Pit.
Feel - the heat - Rays!
Feel - the heat - Rays!
On field stands the power of the Bay
The tenth man completes the team, it's time to play
America's pastime, it's our hit and run
The blue and yellow unite us all as one
Feel - the heat -Rays!
Feel - the heat -Rays!
Fueled by the sun and we're ready
In control of the game
Watch em' sweat, hitting heavy
Make em' remember the name
We hit a rocket to the Skyway
Rise to your feet and chant with faith...
Feel - the heat - Rays!
Feel - the power!
Feel - the heat - Rays!
Feel the power!"

Here is Darren Moore's thesis on his creative process. UGH!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dude what teams require is an them which is accessible for the teams and fans to relate to. Moore has done just that, kept it simple and lyrically described the Tampa Bay area! It's just too obvious you don't understand what the purpose of a theme is...This is not a song meant to be on your Bon Jovi record collection.
Are you a corporate music critic or a typical whiner....meaning; not your didn't think of it yourself...

The Bumbles said...

Go ahead - hide behind Anonymous. My problem is that it sounds like it should be on a cheesy Bon Jovi album! What exactly about this song describes the TB area? This song SUCKS and the Rays deserve better. Hopefully a WS appearance will get them a better "theme" written by a fan of baseball and from the area - not by an outsider from a different country hired by the corporate suits.

Ronnie said...

I know I'm a little late here... I stumbled upon this post while looking for something else. Anyway, I kinda like the song. What about it says "Tampa Bay"? Well, the first line for starters... "It's another beautiful day in sunny Tampa Bay." Sure, it could be a beautiful sunny day anywhere, but what do you want? Palm trees and beaches? I think it's a catchy tune... Feel the heat!