Friday, February 27, 2009

ON FUN ~ Parka Girl...

GYM RATS - #11

“For those who pump iron in a heavily populated gym, keeping up your personal appearance and style should be important for your own satisfaction and out of respect for your fellow gym-rats.”
~Fashionism via Sympatico/MSN (Canada)

For the most part, people in my gym do not treat it as a fashion show. Though I did once see someone flaunting pink shorts with “JUICY” across their ass. I haven’t belonged to any other gym, but I have heard horror stories of short shorts, bras worn as tops, and skin tight T’s to show off those pecs, among other faux pas.

I would say our gym actually has the opposite problem. The attire can get quite boring and sometimes downright tattered. In fact, the only interesting clothing item is often what is printed on the baggy T-Shirts. So imagine my excitement when I noticed a new girl on the treadmill wearing…her Parka!

At first I thought maybe she was trying to make the best use of her time by walking straight in from the cold and right onto the treadmill, skipping the locker room altogether, and stripping off her layers while beginning her workout.

But after a while, she was still plodding along in her Parka. She, like me, is a walker only on the treadmill. I have the worst circulation in the world - cold in the shade with purple hands and feet in the summer - but even I only need a minute or so to get the blood pumping and get those muscles warmed up.

Since I was getting hot just looking at her calmly walking away in her Parka I turned my attention away for a while. When I looked back she had finally taken off her coat. But underneath she was wearing…a Blazer! Who the heck works out in a Blazer? Did she really just stumble upon this gym from the office without gym wear at her disposal? Does she have worse circulation than even me?

The next time I saw Parka Girl she was walking on the same treadmill in the same Parka and then later down to the same Blazer. But this time she made it past Blazer level to the Long Sleeved T Shirt. If she’s so cold why doesn’t she invest in some sweat shirts or crank up the speed and incline on that treadmill? If she's just style conscious, why would she want to wrinkle and stink up her nice Blazer and Parka?

Though you might expect her to wear Uggs or some other stylish boot on her treadmill she does in fact wear sneakers. Which is more than I can say for Barefoot Bob, so I guess we are making progress.

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Sandy Nawrot said...

I am starting to imagine your gym with all of these characters there at once! What a circus! Maybe Parka Girl is trying to sweat off some extra pounds. What other reason could there be?

Glad to see you back by the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sandy - imagining what your gym looks like. Up until Parka Girl I was imagining mirrors all over but now I'm not so sure of the mirrors. I think she has some kind of mental body problem - you know those people who lose weight but still think of themselves as fat. She's like men with a big belly wearing a suit - they always keep the jacket buttoned up so the belly won't show.

Glad you are back up and running.

Walter said...

There's a guy at my gym who runs on
the treadmill while wearing heaving construction boots. Not as weird as a blazer, but still an odd choice in gym attire.

Jen said...

So funny. We always 'name' people as well. We have called this girl from the gym Rat Girl for years. She looks like a rat and I mean that in the nicest way. Although Rat Girl managed to continue working put while I took a 2 year sabatical. Call me Sabatical Girl.

My expressions LIVE said...

I also love the people that actually do hair, makeup, and put perfume or cologne on before working out! Parka girl is a first though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's trying to sweat off the fat. LOL