Monday, May 4, 2009

ON BLOGGING ~ May Days...

(May, 2009)

We thought it would be nice to start a monthly feature called The Bumbles Blueprint that gives us an opportunity to organize ourselves a little and let you know what will be happening here from month to month. The whole blueprint thing sounds very professional and all but really it just flowed better than The Bumbles Summary of Stuff We Plan to Post About. Think of it as a quick little notice of events for our home here online.

As you may have noticed, we have been tweaking things on our blog, both visually and conceptually. We're still trying to find our way in this world and are having a lot of fun doing it. So thank you for coming along for the ride! Here's what we have in store for May, in no particular order.

In addition to these posts we will still have all of our regular Meme installments and Molly's free form Ovah the Monstah series posts each Friday evening. Just note that we won't necessarily take part in all the memes every week. This week for example, you are reading this instead of a Teaser Tuesday post because Molly is re-reading Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" and his early pages are confusing enough without presenting them in a mere 2 sentences! Next week we may skip something else. But rest assured that the Monday Movie Meme will be up like clockwork - it would be bad form to skip our own meme.

So that's what we've got planned. If there's anything you'd like an update on (like the status of Andy's mustache) or want to hear our opinion about (like a more detailed review of Molly's recent reads) just leave it in the comments section. We aim to please but promise nothing. It is baseball season you know, in addition to both the Bruins and Celtics being in the playoffs. That DVR is working overdrive!


Sandy Nawrot said...

I like it! As a loyal reader, it will not bother me a bit if you skip a meme (except Monday!). I'd just as soon hear about your cats, the stache, or the other upcoming features that I am already anxious for! Keep us on our toes. I may give you a little hassle about the Celtics...I'm from Orlando you know!

The Bumbles said...

Oh no - an Orlando fan - ackkk! Well, a little trash talking is always good for the soul - um, except after last night's game I suppose we should keep our mouths shut. Although you do realize the Magic never should have let that game get as close as it did.

SuziQoregon said...

Really like the new look! I'm also OK with skipping a meme or two but don't do away with gym rats.

Margot said...

I like the new look and I think the Blueprint idea is a good one. I like your plans for the month ahead. I'm hoping that Andy's softball team will resemble the gym rats. I miss them.

The Bumbles said...

SuziQ & Margot - I miss the Gym Rats too. My new gym is so tiny that I hardly bump into anyone else and the few that I do are actually quite boring - not blog-worthy! Now the Longshots - talk about characters! All good guys.

Mojo said...

Well we'll try and take care of the Bruins for ya so you won't be quite as overwhelmed. It'd be helpful if Chara could ... oh, sprain an ankle or something. Nothing serious mind you, not one of those nasty high ankle sprains that keep you down for weeks or anything. He wouldn't even have to necessarily be scratched... just slowed down a little.

Of course, considering the gift he gave us the other night, maybe he's a bad target. Maybe Kessel. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Kidding. I WAS KIDDING. Good grief!

As for the Celtics, well... basketball would be better if it was hockey.

Baseball too.

The Bumbles said...

Everyone, meet Mojo. He is obviously a Carolina hockey fan. As long as Savard and Lucic are unharmed I'll be OK. Bring it. Though I am thinking of switching over to root for the 'Canes so that Andy's Bruins playoff mustache will be shaved off (yes, it is still growing there on his face).