Monday, June 1, 2009

ON BLOGGING ~ June Offerings...

(June, 2009)

Time for our monthly installment of The Bumbles Blueprint. Last month we did pretty well by sticking to the blueprint. We skipped a post about new Passport rules (you need one now to get back into the U.S. - even from Canada or Mexico) because it didn't seem all that interesting to tell you about the androgynous "Pat" lookalike from the Saturday Night Live skits who handled our applications. We may skip or postpone something in June too, who knows. But here's what we intend to have happening here this month, in no particular order.

  • Travel planning for our July vacation
  • An attempt at releasing books into the wild via BookCrossing
  • Passing along some Awards each week that we've been hoarding
  • The best shoe EVER
  • A summary of our Blog Quest - not Vision Quest - Bumbles don't wrestle
  • Maybe some fun tales from a long weekend in Rhode Island
  • Phish tales

In addition to these posts we will still be posting the Monday Movie Meme, Thursday 13 posts, installments of Molly's Ovah the Monstah series each Friday evening and sporadic Teaser Tuesday posts as books get completed. We will also put up a picture for Wordless Wednesday whenever Molly has a new travel post featured on the UpTake Attractions Blog so that you can have a look at where the Bumbles have been. The link is also updated on the sidebar button in case you can't stop by on Wednesdays.

If you've got any topics you'd like us to cover, let us know and maybe we'll cover them in a post in July. Now would also be a good time to ask us questions, request updates on any prior posts, hand out compliments, make suggestions or lodge complaints. We aim to please but promise nothing.


Sandy Nawrot said...

I can't think of needs that aren't being met on my end! I am anxiously awaiting the installment of Ovah the Monstah where the two of you meet. Does that seem weird? Sorry. All of your stories are quite entertaining. Its all good.

Janet said...

Oh, did you see Phish, too? I'm not into them, but my friend Michelle's husband is, and she was a Phish widow last weekend (

Unknown said...

Great bloggy goal list. Be sure to wave when you're in Rhode Island!