Thursday, October 22, 2009

ON BLOGGING ~ Who's The Boss?..

Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

Earlier this month we chatted here about people who disappear from blogging without explanation and then give us an Apology Post. Today I want to talk about the opposite end of the spectrum. People who don't know how to stop blogging.

You know who you are. You stay up way past bedtime visiting blogs, writing posts and tweaking your blog design. You notice the nice day because of the weather update on your home page. You sneak in a quick update during your lunch break at work. Or you blog instead of doing your job. You can't stand to be unplugged and taking a vacation makes you go into blogging withdrawal.

We're on vacation ourselves as you read this. But I wrote it before we left and scheduled it to post. A daily presence is something visitors here have come to expect because that's just the way we roll. So keeping new material flowing is important to me. But not at the expense of vacation. The laptop comes with us so that I can store photos and free up camera card space (because of my ANCIENT camera). It is helpful for checking on personal e-mails or monitoring our Fantasy Football teams. But if we don't have internet access I don't mind. When I'm on vacation I'm on vacation.

No offense, but I don't really want to worry about you while I'm away. I need time to recharge and so does my laptop. I might be thinking about material for new posts but I'm not writing them. I think if I never took a break from blogging, just like from anything I do, I would get burnt out. I need a break from books sometimes. And the gym. And even though I never realize it myself, I do need a break from the Red Sox every now and then (though preferably after the World Series, not sooner). It allows me to remember that I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows instead of a ballgame every night.

Andy needs to see what my face looks like away from the glow of the computer screen. My cats need a lap to curl up in. My family needs to hear my voice every now and then and my friends need someone to play bar trivia with. And I know this. So whenever real life needs me, or when I decide that I need it, I put the laptop away. After all, blogging is supposed to build relationships - not ruin them.

Are you a blogaholic? Have you ever felt guilty for blogging on the job? Do your friends and family get annoyed when they learn you've brought the blog on vacation? Do you set strict days and times for blogging or does it spill into time you planned for other things? Is your blog the boss of you or are you in control? Don't be afraid to share - your blogger thoughts are safe with us.


Sandy Nawrot said...

Uhhhh....I'm sitting here feeling really bad. My name is Sandy and I may have a blogging addiction? I am thinking back to the time when I was in Poland, sitting in a car outside a hotel "borrowing" internet to check my posts. Anyway, I AM leaving today for six days and am not bringing a computer. I feel uncomfortable, but I'm doing it. I do feel compelled to visit most posts on my blogroll. I do sit down several times a day to check stuff in the middle of cleaning the house (my work). Guilty as charged.

Susan said...

I'm not posting a comment, because I'm seriously cutting back. Really. I mean it. ;-)

kayerj said...

I am soooo addicted, I need help :) I made a post about it today because I found a little quiz to take: "How Addicted are you to Blogging". If you'd like to stop by and take it for your self and offer me some tips for cutting back on the blogging I'd appreciate it. Come on by I’m home.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I am super addicted to blogs and blogging. I think it's because I cringe if my google reader has over 250 unread posts (i think i'm missing something, which i usually am). My husband asks the same question over and over when he sees me with the laptop.."What are you doing"? and it's always the same answer "reading about books". I think he thinks I have an on-line romance going on, which in some ways I do --all of you...LOL

have fun away this week!

Patty Reiser said...

Molly and Andy I hope the two of you are having a wonderful time away from your blog.
As for me, I am working toward being the boss of my blog. It helped to focus on just one blog instead of two.
Wishing you a picture perfect day!

LJ said...

Definitely NOT an illness I suffer from. You can get pills for that, can't you?

ds said...

Not so far, but give me time....enjoy your vacation!!!