Monday, October 12, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ On A Roll...

OK. So before I get started on Fantasy World I suppose I should address the reality of the Red Sox getting swept out of the playoffs by the Angels. I thought Angels were supposed to answer our prayers, not drop kick them into oblivion? So for all of you who checked in yesterday to see if us Bumbles were managing, the answer is yes. It happens. And then the Patriots got beat by Denver immediately following the end of the Sox season. So that didn't help improve our mood. But then I remembered Fantasy scores and that made me smile.

And that is because for the second week in a row I had complete domination in the boys' league. Hmmm. Fantasy, boys, domination. I can only imagine the disappointment on those porn surfers' faces stumbling across this post. Anyway - I defeated my opponent by over 40 points and it was all over by the end of the early games. BOOYA! I've pulled even with Andy. And our nemesis Commissioner still hasn't won a game. Karma. I'm telling you. Next week - I'm up against the undefeated team - the one I lost to by a fractional point in Week One. Re-matches always get the competitive juices flowing. So that dude better watch his back.

I won again in the Momspective (aka Ladies League) and once again I had better competition there. I had to wait for Monday Night Football to be over to be sure. My opponent was hampered by the fact that her Running Back had a bye this week (i.e. his team had the week off so he didn't play) and she forgot to or didn't realize she needed to swap him out for someone on her bench. Live and learn. Now I'm tied with a handful of other ladies for best record. Things start separating about this time of the season in Fantasy World so it's getting exciting. (wait a minute - tied, ladies, fantasy, excitement - are my words going to attract the bondage crowd here now?)

And as for the pick 'em pool I had an off week performing poorly. So I have dropped from 4th to 6th overall out of 122 people. I think I've reached the end of my rally. I tend to start strong and then begin a slow decline as the weeks wear on. Andy's trying to rally himself in the opposite direction but he's still clinging to the bottom of the list in 109th. Don't worry honey - we'll meet in the middle one of these weeks.

Boston Babe (Molly's Team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 3-2
(modifying this lineup for injuries only, ladies league)

GiselleWearsThePants (Molly's team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 2-3
Brady Goes To Miami (Andy's team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 2-3
~head to head (Molly vs. Andy) = I don't want to talk about it (0-1)
(actively modifying this lineup, up against the boys)


ds said...

I would think being 6th out of 122 would be a good thing! I'm impressed!

Mike said...

I am kind off sad. I look forward to a Yankees/Sox series more than I do a world series!

Sandy Nawrot said...

I'll throw a little empathy your way for the Sox. But New England? Uh...I can't go there!