Friday, November 27, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ Take That, Turkey!...

The dragon has been slayed!!! I took down Mr. Invincible last week - he of the 1 loss all season. I lost to him by less than a point the very first week and have been waiting to avenge that wrong ever since. Done. Cross that off the bucket list. Sitting pretty in 3rd place and squaring off against the guy in 2nd this week. If I beat him we are tied for 2nd and the playoffs could be in my sights. Andy? He won too - handidly. He's a couple games behind and the way this little league has gone, who knows?

As for the Ladies League I lost and now share my lead with two other ladies. This league is bigger and the races are closer. However it is also the one that I decided not to make any modifications to unless someone got hurt. Well, no one has gotten hurt lately and lets just say I wouldn't mind if a few of them did so I could slide somebody better in there. That's terrible. I would never wish for someone to get hurt in real life. Except I kind of just did. Maybe just turf toe or something.

And as for the Pick 'Em Pool - I am falling faster than ever. I have sunk to the 50's while Andy hangs in the 70's. Our married friends are sitting in the top 5 still. Hey. Good luck to them. They've got twins about to turn a year old. They could use the winnings.

But no rest for our weary selves in the Fantasy world. We gorged on turkey and football over Thanksgiving and need to keep plugging along on Sunday. I've got to hang on to my winning records!

Boston Babe (Molly's Team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 6-5
(modifying this lineup for injuries only, ladies league)

GiselleWearsThePants (Molly's team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 6-5
Brady Goes To Miami (Andy's team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 4-7
~head to head (Molly vs. Andy) = I don't want to talk about it (0-2)
(actively modifying this lineup, up against the boys)

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Mike said...

I have enough trouble getting through my reality, let alone winning at fantasy!

I noticed below that Andy said he had no stomach for the Red Sox! Good man! LOL