Thursday, December 31, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ Overthinking It...

The good news...I advanced to the finals in the boy's league and hold a commanding lead in points in the final of the Ladies League. The bad news...I am now an indecisive mess.

I am hoarding quarterbacks in the boys' league like they are going out of style - which they are actually. The problem when a fantasy league holds their championship round in the last week of the regular season is that many of the terrific players you have relied on all season are being held out of games because their team has already advanced to the playoffs and rests their starters. So therefore, I sit and wonder whether Bill Belichick will play Tom Brady all, some or little. If I start him and he rides the pine all game, I get zippo points. If I bench him and he plays all game, he'll rack up high points that do nothing for me because I didn't start him.

So I have now accumulated three other QB's with the hope that one of them will actually have something obvious to play for by the time their game kicks off. And also, my opponent is Mr. Invincible. He has 2 QB's - Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer. Huge fantasy point scorers. Neither of them are expected to play this week. Manning practically caused Mr. Invincible to lose last week when the Colts shockingly pulled their starters mid-way and gave up their undefeated season. So I am slightly surprised that Mr. Invincible hasn't been scrambling to pick up another QB like I have been doing. And don't think for a minute that I'm going to drop any of mine so he can come along and scoop them up. Screw that.

I lost to him by less than a point in the very first week of the season. Then he beat me handidly. Then I beat him handidly. Here's hoping I squeak out an upset in the finals this weekend and come back here sharing news of being crowned queen of the boys' league.

I do not feel in danger of losing my grip on the Ladies League title. I am not overthinking anything here simply because I am not making any moves with that team unless there is an injury. So I just play the hand I was dealt and luckily for me my opponent hasn't paid attention to her roster for weeks. Not the most rewarding way to win, but it is less stress to offset the boys' league.

No stress for us in the Pick 'Em Pool. We will be finishing middle of the road. But a total of 3 points separate our mom of twins, her hubby and some random person in 3rd place. Cross your fingers for them that they don't overthink their picks this week. It sure would be nice to start the new year next week with my final fantasy football post sharing good news on all fronts!

Boston Babe (Molly's Team) = 2nd Overall, 7-6 (regular season) - Playoffs, Won Round 1, Advanced to Finals - leading combined points
(modifying this lineup for injuries only, ladies league)

GiselleWearsThePants (Molly's team) = Last Week, Won - 3rd Overall, 8-7 (regular season) - Playoffs, Won Semi-Final, Advanced to Finals this week
Brady Goes To Miami (Andy's team) = Last Week, Lost - 5th Overall, 5-10 (regular season) - Playoffs, Consolation bracket - battle for last place this week
~head to head (Molly vs. Andy) = I don't want to talk about it (0-3)
(actively modifying this lineup, up against the boys)

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ds said...

Best of luck, Molly! You can do it!
In the meantime, happy happy New Year to you both! (now for some college bowl games...)