Monday, January 4, 2010

ON BLOGGING ~ January Gems...

(January, 2010)

Time for our monthly installment of The Bumbles Blueprint. Last month we discussed a variety of topics surrounding the holiday season and wrapping up the year - though we did forget what exactly one of our topics' referenced back at the beginning of the month was actually supposed to be all about! Such is the pitfall of too much advance planning sometimes.

But without plotting out our thoughts things get a little dicey and we turn into blogging slackers. So we'll continue on with our blueprint posts - we'll just learn to make better "notes to self." Here is a sample of what we intend to deliver to you in your Reader, In-Box or whenever you happen to stop by:

  • ON BLOGGING ~ Keeping "tabs"
  • ON BOOKS ~ Series junkies
  • ON FOOD ~ Pizza with a conscious
  • ON FUN ~ TV programming we can't wait to see
  • ON SPORTS ~ Fantasy Football final results
  • ON MOVIES ~ Something monstrous
  • ON MUSIC ~ Andy takes a trip down Concert Boy memory lane
  • ON PHOTOS ~ A review of Molly's new Christmas present
  • ON TRAVEL ~ Passes to fun

  • If you've got any topics you'd like us to cover, let us know and maybe we'll cover them in a post in February. Now would also be a good time to ask us questions, request updates on any prior posts, hand out compliments, make suggestions or lodge complaints. We aim to please but promise nothing.


    Sandy Nawrot said...

    Oooh! Are you going to teach me to make tabs? You would just be the best Bumbles! Oh and by the way, if I ever experiment and decide not to comment, I'm not thinking I will practice on you!

    Mike said...

    This is the only blog with a menu directory! It must be that OCD Red Sox Lover in you! hahaha!

    I kid because I love!

    McGillicutty said...

    Aaa Haaaa here you are. I have missed you, I think I forgot to follow and I've been trying to use my Reader a lot more so was too lazy to try and remember the site!!! I know I'm a bad follower but glad to have found you again... now I definitely have you linked to my reader and so will continue with the stalking!!!!!

    Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

    very well organized,
    happy 2010.

    Susan said...

    Tabs!!! Oh yes, please! I want some!

    I really need to make a monthly plan, because I AM a blogging slacker! :)

    kayerj said...

    looking forward to the upcoming attractions--speaking of, I enjoyed your post at attractions today. What a fun and educational place to visit.

    Margot said...

    Looks like some fun stuff ahead.

    I read your piece on Attractions today - VERY well written. I'm so proud of you Molly. It was very organized and complete yet fun to read. I felt like I was touring that gorgeous building with you. I tried to leave a comment but the site went blank and then I couldn't get to it again. I'll check again tomorrow and leave a comment if it didn't take today.