Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ON FUN ~ Must See TV...

Our DVR is about to explode. In just a few weeks it will go from being overlooked to overloaded. While we bide our TV time watching random college hoops games, CSI/Law & Order episodes that blur into each other and political speeches we are soon to be rewarded with the awesomeness that is February. I never thought I would use "awesome" and "February" in the same breath - unless I was in Hawaii. But my self-imposed winter hibernation goes a lot more quickly when I have the following viewing lined up for us starting in February, continuing through March and leading us right to Opening Day...
  • LOST (ABC, 9PM, 02/03) ~ The final season premiers next week and this junkie is psyched to get her fix finally. Clip show at 8PM.
  • Super Bowl (CBS, 6PM, 02/07) ~ GO SAINTS!!!
  • Survivor (CBS, 8PM, 02/11) ~ Heroes vs. Villains "all-star" cast brings back all our favorite characters. And I do mean characters - like Coach for example!
  • Winter Olympics (NBC, 02/12-02/28) ~ I am an Olympic junkie. I refuse to have the results spoiled for me - I like to see the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat for myself thank you very much.
  • The Amazing Race (CBS, 8PM, 02/14) ~ Hoping for more exciting challenges and team dynamics this time around the world.
  • Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, 9PM, 03/14) ~ Pure trash, that I can't ignore. I need an intervention
  • March Madness (CBS, 03/16-04/05) ~ Something about that tournament sucks me in every year. Must be the underdog upsets that bust my bracket but make my heart smile.
  • Breaking Bad (AMC, 10PM, 03/21) ~ Underrated show, stellar cast, creative script - hiding on AMC.
  • Opening Day (ESPN, 8PM, 04/04) ~ Yankees @ Red Sox. Perfect way to start the season and come out of hibernation!

What's going on your DVR to get you through the next few months?


Anonymous said...

The DVR is the best invention ever and one that can cause too much stress when there are more than 100 things on there! March Madness is big in our house. Winner of the brackets get to pick the next 5 theater movies. I've won 2 years in a row :) We've never missed a season of Survivor and I try no to get pulled into The Donald craziness, but I always do. They need to cancel that already so I can feel better about the way I use my time. Lost lost me a few seasons ago, but Jason like to talk about it, so I try to keep up. Or at least pretend.
Bring on the Olympics!

Kaye said...

Time again for another Amazing Race? Didn't the blond duo lookalikes just win? Where does the time go? They need some more funky contestants like that goth couple with the pink hair. I know I'll get sucked into it anyway.
You might want to start wearing a helmet around the house just in case the DVR does explode!

Susan said...

I agree with Stacy! They'll never get my DVR away from me unless they kill me first! Can't wait for the Olympics to begin. I never watch sports any other time.

On mine:

1. Ugly Betty

2. Cougar Town-super clever writing and Courtney Cox is hilarious!

3. The Middle--OMGhilarious!

4. The Good Wife--Juliana Margulies is fantastic. Very tight writing and directing with a great supporting cast.

5. Human Target--great action, good stories and Mark Valley. I've loved him ever since he was on 'Days of Our Lives' in the 80s.

6. 30 Rock--no words are necessary.

7. The Biggest Loser--strangely addicted to this show. With DVR I can fast forward through all the annoying parts.

8. Chuck--there's just something about a good-looking goofy guy who has a computer database in his head.

Penny said...

Glee in March
Project Runway..right now.
I'm really quite excited about the Ricky Gervais Show on HBO.
16 and Pregnant part two on mtv..loved this show..

Also, the new miniseries from Tom Hanks-The Pacific.

ds said...

The Hand that Controls the Remote in this house is addicted to: Lost, The Donald, The Superbowl, March Madness, and golf. Opening Day is too distant to focus on yet (but yikes!!). The Other Hand requires only her "fixes" of Hugh Laurie, Tom Harmon & "Bones." Because she's weird...

Margot said...

We honestly try not to get hooked on TV shows because as we travel around the country we can't always count on good TV reception, much less cable. However, there are a few things on the networks this season that have captured us.
The Good Wife (Absolutely fantastic)
NCIS (both of them)
Numbers (Friday @10 CBS)
The Amazing Race (I like the photography of the places they go)
60 Minutes (I've rarely missed a show)

Sports is another issue. Our favorite sports are football and basketball. It hurt us terribly when the cable companies started cobbling up those sporting events. This year we are looking forward to the Super Bowl (GO COLTS) and definitely March Madness.

I'm going to visit my 89 year-old mom in February and her favorite television is the Food Network. I love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives as well as the chef competitions.

soleil said...

i am also looking forward to Lost and am a fellow Olympic junkie. the last summer olympics prompted us to finally get dvr so we wouldn't miss a single second of it. we didn't get dvr though when we moved. we thought we didn't really need it since we watch most of our tv online now. but i am kinda wishing i had it just for the olympics.

Janet said...

finally, someone else I know who likes Breaking Bad!!! What a GREAT show!

Nurse Jackie will be on my tivo, Big Love, Sons of Anarchy and Fringe, always.

Kathleen said...

I can't wait for LOST!!

Beth F said...

LOST, Super Bowl, Winter Olympics -- this is going to be a great month!

We are fans of HBO and SHO series too.