Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ON BLOGGING ~ Props to the Presenters...

Over the course of this year, some very nice bloggers have mentioned us on Award posts and we have been delinquent in acknowledging them.  So instead of posting them and rattling off a list of other bloggers to give them to, we are instead posting them and giving props to the givers...

Ji of Jingle writes poetry.  And she honors fellow poets, writers and creative minds.  Thankfully she also honors the rest of us because somewhere along the way, she decided to honor us with this Sunshine Award!

Adelle of Adelle Lauden writes romance.  But she is more than a romance writer.  She is a mother first and foremost.  A kind Canadian soul.  A biker.  And we enjoy the sunny outlook she tries to spread on her blog.  Like sharing the Sunshine Award with us to brighten our day.

Stacy of Stacy's Books loves literature.  Reading it, reviewing it, and creating quizzes about it.  And because I volunteered to read War & Peace with her, she doled out this Friendship Award to me.  It requires me to list 5 things I love to do.  I love to read with others, win, laugh, help people connect and sleep - oh how I love to sleep.

The Gal of One Gal's Musings loves her Cubbies.  She also loves her cats, her purses, politics and the fact that she still has her job.  She is refreshing and we were honored to discover she deemed us to be beautiful via this award.  We are supposed to share 7 interesting things about ourselves.  We have done enough sharing recently here so either peruse or come back any day to learn our interesting things.

McGillicutty of Inner Rambling of a Mid Life Mama is a Brit living in the U.S. south, engaging in photography lessons, motherhood and laugh out loud commentary on her world.  So it is very appropriate that she see us as Sugar Dolls.  We are supposed to share 10 uncommon facts about ourselves.  Again, peruse prior posts or come back again in the future and you'll see how much we share regularly.

Finally, my recent submission to Shutterday's weekly photo contest for the "Pink" theme came in 3rd place - out of over 45 submissions!  Votes and awards from peers are so wonderful.  They keep us going in the blogosphere.  So thank you.  We appreciate the recognition, your support and all that you do to stay connected with us.


kayerj said...

how nice of you :)

congratulations on the picture, I really liked that one.

Janet said...

Congrats on 3rd place! That's a lovely tulip photo :-)

Anonymous said...

I would have passed the award on to you even if you hadn't read War & Peace with me :)

Jingle said...

thank you for accepting the award,
you are well deserved!
Happy Monday!