Thursday, September 16, 2010

ON BLOGGING ~ Damn Those Joneses....

BlogAnon: Joy of Confession

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Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

I feel inferior. We have no header. That striking image at the top of our blog that is supposed to let you know "you have arrived!" Welcome to Bumble Town!!! We rock!!! Nope. Instead you get some pretty generic typeface telling you our blog name. And our tag line. Or motto. Whatever that little catch phrase is called.

Remember that show on TLC called Trading Spaces? Paige something-or-other was the host and Andy thought she was the cat's meow. And the designers always came up with these neat ways to liven up a room without a lot of bling. I would give anything to trade blog spaces with someone and have a guest designer re-make our lame-o blog.

You see, I have ideas and concepts. I just don't know how to make them happen. I'd love to see the Bumble's little eyes peek over the bottom of our blue header - a la Kilroy. I think that would be fun and representative of what visitors would experience - a peek into our world. But I don't know how to provide the visual.

I know some people hire designers to create headers, buttons, blog themes and other fun eye candy. I very much would love to do this too. But I am too cheap. Meaning, I refuse to spend any money on this hobby of ours. But I WANT to be pretty. I WANT to be fun and intriguing. I WANT to be cool!!!

So I constantly suppress the need to keep up with the Joneses. I want a header to greet you upon each visit. But I have neither the talent nor ability to provide it to you. I hope you don't mind. I've decided it is more about the content than the design. That being said, my birthday was yesterday. Design gifts welcome :0)

How did you create your blog's design? Do you get design envy too? Can you help a Bumble out with our header?


soleil said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did i know this??? i feel like a lame-o for forgetting. :(

i hope you had an awesome vacation and a great birthday!!!!!!!

i used to get design envy but then blogger came out with all these new templates and i am really happy with my background.

but i did feel like something was seriously lacking without a header so i sucked it up and had one designed. because i don't know how to create one of my own.

so i decided to treat myself to one. not to keep up with anyone but to make my space a little more me. :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I get blog envy also. I look at mine and think how I should really try to update it. Then I think, no. Too much work. Can't remember how I got it like it is further more to improve it.

I'm too cheap, too. Perhaps too lazy.

Unknown said...

In your case, it's all about great content, so I never think about your not having a header. The only thing I do with mine is use a picture I love, upload it to Photoscape (free) and put a frame around it and add some text. Couldn't you stage a picture with your dear little Bumble peeking over your computer screen, or something similar?

BTW, on a completely different subject, could you send me your address again? I have a little something to send you. Hint: it isn't a book.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, dear Molly!

Sandy Nawrot said...

Happy Birthday my bloggy friend! If I had mad designer skillz, I'd make you a header, but the truth is I suck at all that stuff. I have blog envy too, but I am cheap and unskilled in all things technical. I'd love to see a Bumble peeking at me, but like Susan said, it really is all about the content. And yours rocks.

cardiogirl said...

Hey Molly,

I made a quick header for you and I'm going to attempt to paste the link in here.

Hopefully this won't go to spam, but if it does I'll email you the link.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday!!

as for this entry:
How did you create your blog's design? I wanted to be less bitter with my very dark look at my blog land so I was discussing with friends and wanted something more Musical, uplifting, light and fun that incorporated my Nick name and Jimmy Eat World. I discussed this with Rabbit (who you are bloggie buds with) and he created a mock blog and I loved it!

Do you get design envy too? When I had the darker blog I was very curious to get it changed over because I didn't feel like it represented me.

Can you help a Bumble out with our header? I don't know how, other than going to a search engine and typing in Free Blogger templates. That is how I got my Cake Blog template. :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!

I'm probably not much help in the design department. I just use a plain template, choose a favorite photo and write the blog's name on it with an online photomanipulation program.

That said, is an awesome, free online photomanip program. And remember that into Paint will give you a screenshot of your blog header to work with if you want to play around.

More important, content is king.

Good luck and enjoy!

Unknown said...

correction: "remember that ...[print screen] and paste into paint..."

kayerj said...

happy birthday!--mine was on Wednesday :)I like your blog design, I think it reflects your very organized nature.

Kathleen said...

I have blog design and html envy!

Matty said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Molly. I didn't know. I hope you celebrated.

As for the header, seeing that you helped with my blog, I'm the last person to be giving tech help to someone. I didn't, and still don't know what I doing when it comes to blog design. My simple header was done by me, but with MUCH guidance by other people. At their direction, I created an account in Photbucket, found the pictures I wanted to use ( which came from my photo collection as well as from the web ), placed them as I wanted them, and saved it. I then went into my blog setup and uploaded the Photo bucket picture into my header section.

If I can do it, someone with your background and brains sure can. And you are right in the sense that it's what's in your content that counts and not the appearance, but some would argue that it's the appearance that attracts the reader, and it's the content that captures them.

I hope this helps.

Lisa said...

You need to find a teenager--they know how to do all things computer! My daughter made my header--now I need her to fix it since I switched layouts and it's too small. Kids make all things computer look so easy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
It's my goal in life to NOT keep up with the Joneses. You know they're buried under mountains of debt, right ? ;)

Margot said...

Happy Birthday a few days late. Hope you celebrated big time.

I didn't even think about your header until you mentioned it. I really read your posts in my Google Reader and then come here to comment, not look at your header/none header.

However - I think I understand what you are looking for. YOU want to look at your blog and be proud of how it looks - right? As others have suggested, I'd go with one of your fantastic photos. You have lots of them and I believe some are with your little Bumble guy. It might require a new theme but that's my suggestion.

By the way, I have the Chat on my calendar for this coming Friday. Looking forward to it.