Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ON TRAVEL ~ Vacationland...

We wanted to share how we spent last week instead of actively visiting all of you in the blogosphere.  We took a vacation with my family that happened to coincide with my Big 4-0.  I can't think of a better way to greet another year of living.

Our first day was crummy weather so we took a drive to do some shopping.  But along the way we stopped at a very famous lighthouse.  You can't actually get to it unless you live there since it is on an island.  I bet it gets wicked cold out there on a stormy winter night.

The next day we took a stroll overlooking the ocean.  There were lots of spots to take your breath away so it took a while to get where we were going.

Where we were going was to sample some very fresh local fare from a highly recommended and enjoyable restaurant.

Over where we had lunch is one of the region's most photographed coves, where we saw plenty of fishing boats.  I also got to operate the drawbridge on the footbridge.  The first time we were there I learned the ropes.  The second time we visited I controlled the operation.

Blessed with more sunny skies, we spent the next day wandering along the beach.  There were a few brave (i.e. stupid) souls taking a dip in the ocean, but most were content to stroll the beach, build sandcastles or fly kites.  Some surfers and fishermen enjoyed their day as well.

The next day was my birthday and we decided to take a drive over to where a former President has a famous retreat.  But we were more preoccupied with the type of candy you find sold at any ocean town worth its salt.

We headed back to our temporary home where we played a favorite outdoor game, opened presents and had a dessert buffet instead of cake.  Quite a birthday party!

Since the next day was rainy again, my sister-in-law and I treated ourselves to some spa services.  My manicure is still holding up and she loved her massage.  After another stroll by the ocean later, we took a different route back and discovered the local library.

Our last day we parted ways from my family and headed off for a hike in the woods.  From there we had a nice view of some very familiar mountains we have visited many times.  We also got to say goodbye to the coast that treated us so nicely all week long.

It was a terrific week with very little travel hassle.  A return trip is high on our list.  Can you guess where we were?  If you want to see some of my best photos from my favorite part of our trip - click HERE.  Our kitty Tedy however was bored without us and hopes we don't leave him again for a long time.  Sorry Tedy Bear!


Lin said...

Don't let the cat fool you--he was thrilled to be sleeping on the good furniture all weekend and taking a bath on the kitchen table. They just act all miffy to make you feel guilty.

Oh, it looks LOVELY there! I was guessing Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard, but I guess I was wrong. The food looks really yummy. Color me jealous--big time!

Happy Birthday! ;)

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Great photos! And Happy Birthday :)
We spent many wonderful summer vacations about 10 minutes further up the coast from Walker's Point. So many good memories.
Have fun with the iPad - wow!

Anonymous said...

Poor Tedy!
What a great week for you. My parents have vacationed in Maine several times, but we haven't made it yet. For some reason New England isn't high on Jason's list. Having not spent any time there I would love it!
Great gifts and desserts.
So, is 40 all you'd hoped it would be?

Tami said...

Don't know where you were, but I'm freaking jealous! I've lived my entire life land-locked. Gone as far east as D.C. and as far west as Nevada, but never quite made it to the ocean. The lighthouse is gorgeous! and the food looks wonderful. Next time you vacation, maybe you could invite some blogging friends???

Matty said...

I was thinking Maine. I know you enjoy that area, and the reference to the president helped too.

Your description of the area and the pictures make it a very inviting place. A memorable way to spend a birthday. I'm not sure which I would prefer more, the iPad or the dessert.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Maine would have been my guess too. Such beautiful scenery...and that lighthouse! The salt-water taffy! The beach! THE IPAD!!! I'd vacation with you anytime. It looks sublime. And a perfect place to turn 40. I turned 40 at Longboat Key in FL with my best friends. It takes the sting out, you know?

Margot said...

It looks like you had a fabulous vacation. Your pictures are so beautiful. So glad you got away from all the day to day routine for a bit. I definitely want to hear all about that ipad at some point. Glad you are back.

Kathleen said...

I'd turn 40 again if I could get an Ipad!! Glad you had a wonderful birthday trip. The pictures make me want to go to Maine!

soleil said...

Wow, your vacation looks like a blast!! Thanks for sharing. You have some really lovely shots. I like how you place your bumble in some of them. :)

caite said...

lobster, lighthouses, chowder, desserts, beaches, boats, lobster...and lobster. Perfect!

Lisa said...

Lobster rolls? Yum!!!