Thursday, October 14, 2010

ON BLOGGING ~ Are We Enough For Each Other..?

BlogAnon: Joy of Confession

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Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

I know that this is a big wide blogosphere, but do you ever feel like you've been all through it and met everyone there is to meet? I mean, I know this isn't true. That would be like saying you know everyone in the world. But sometimes I do wonder where all of these other people are hanging out.

I keep bumping into the same people in my blog hopping. Which is nice because I like them. And then I'll read a comment somewhere from a blogger who is new to me. So I get excited to check out someone new and I hop on over. And there in the comments are all the same people I already know. So I guess I'm just late to the party.

There always seems to be someone that I know wherever I go. Again, this is nice. I like knowing at least one person when I'm at a function in the real world. But every now and then I like to see how things go without that faithful crutch. The problem is, I would feel like a total loser just jumping in to some brand new blog "niche" to see what these people are all about. They'd know that I was just patrolling the perimeter to see if it was my cup of tea and clam up like a bunch of gossips interrupted.

I dunno. I guess I feel that I'm in a bit of a rut. I make the rounds to the same people who then make the rounds over to me. And this is nice. It is. Because I value these people and what they have to say. And I like developing bonds with them. But every now and then I get disenchanted with what is familiar. I want to stumble across something new to me.

I feel guilty for saying this. It sounds like I am complaining about all of you who I visit regularly. It's not you - it's me. Your content is still awesome. Your style is still unique. You still teach me things, make me laugh, inspire me and make me proud. I just feel like I'm getting lazy in my comfy and safe corner of the blogosphere. Passing up on the risk of exploring out to unknown corners. Do I really need to spend my time looking for other new bloggers to meet? Yes. That's why we blog here. To meet great people from all walks of life who can teach us a thing or two. You never know who's out there. After all, if I hadn't been motivated to go looking, I probably wouldn't have met you.

How have you met the people you know online? Have you ever felt out of place in a new spot? Do you make an effort to get out and explore or do you just sit back and enjoy those who find their way to you? Do you ever feel like your blog hopping is in a rut?


Drackar said...

I seem to run into that a lot...but I try to add to my pool by going out and looking at key word interests instead of just friend of a friend finding. said...

It is easy to get into a rut or stuck with the same crowd. There are a few blogs/bloggers that always lead me to the most interesting and new to me people, they are and Not only do they have great things to say, but their readers are so varied that I often end up running of on tangents, finding totally cool people that I couldn't have met any other way.

Oh, and I did meet up with a couple of book bloggers for coffee this week. It was sort of cool because we felt like we already knew each other, but hand to shake hands for the first time!

Susan said...

It is very interesting that we all tend to bump into the same people at all the different blogs we visit. I don't think I can add anyone new to my blog world right now, though. I'm blogged down enough as it is. My next step is to meet in person my best blogging buddies.

I understand exactly what you mean, and I'm not offended in the least. I know I've been dull as dishwater lately. I'm just staying away until I feel like I have something interesting to say and the time to say it.


Penny said...

Hahaha...I noticed this too. Sometimes I forget how I met people and when I start looking around I see all of the same folks from Bloggie world there. haha.

How have you met the people you know online? My blog buds are just people that share interests and we seemed to click. A lot of you guys all know each other already. I met a close friend via bloggy but we have a pretty strong regular friendship now by joining a Scrap the music site. I was nervous at first because there were only 10 artists there and they seemed really, really, really good and here I come. Then again, there really isn't a party without Penny :)
I fit right in after a week :)

Have you ever felt out of place in a new spot? See above

Do you make an effort to get out and explore or do you just sit back and enjoy those who find their way to you? It depends. If there are a ton of comments on someones blog I don't read them all. If one catches my eye I will go have a look. Sometimes I stay, other times, no.
I do, always, go visit and explore if a new person comments on my blog.

Do you ever feel like your blog hopping is in a rut? I honestly don't blog hop enough to feel like I am in a rut.

Sandy Nawrot said...

It is true, especially in the book blogging realm. And each BBAW I always discover a few new ones. But like Susan, I really have to stop. If I add to my blogroll, then somebody has to come off. (Not you of course!)

joemmama said...

I have made an effort lately to find new blogs to read. I don't really make friends easily, and it has been a rough road. I have been made to feel stupid when commenting ( on a rather pretentious blog) and ignored in the twittersphere, so it has been rather discouraging. While I do have a few faithful followers, I am aware that I will never be a superstar, and that is okay with me.

Unknown said...

I've noticed this, too, and sometimes I feel behind the 8-ball, sometimes I feel kind of...validated.

I think what causes it is two-fold. One, Blogger bloggers tend to find Blogger blogs. Likewise for WordPress and other platforms. The "friend connect" process helps that along.

Two, these are people you have things in common with. If you looked for blogs on a completely different topic, it's more likely you'd find completely different people. But your bloggie friends ARE your bloggie friends because you share common interests, and that will carry across favorite blog sites, too.

LJ said...

The problem with reaching out is because it means stretching our comfort zones. We tend to be attracted to like minded bloggers and they us. And I (personally) find that way to comfortable. I will often visit out blogger new to me, and if I've liked what I read I'll comment. I may even go back once or twice more. But if I never get any kind of response or feed back from them, then I move on. Obviously I didn't find a like-minded person, and I'm not offended, I just don't add them to my mix.

Also, I find it hard to incorporate 'more' into my already full life. I don't get around to reading my regulars nearly as much as I'd like. (You being one of them).

Sorry you're in a rut, it looks like others have given you some sage advice.

Lin said...

The only thing I don't like about my current blogroll is the shear numbers. This is my busy season and I can't get around to visit everyone like I want to.

That said, I constantly re-evaluate my blogroll. Some blogs aren't my taste anymore and I move on, while there are still others that I have been "friends" with for years. There is a reason we still read each others' blogs and so I stay with them.

It is fun to find a new blog every now and then and I like that. But I am hesitant to add lots more to the already demanding blogroll. It's a catch 22.

Jenny Girl said...

I can understand feeling like you are in a rut with your blog hopping. I have tried hopping with mixed results. I frequent the same blogs because I feel as though I am friends with these bloggers, more so than others.

I have discovered new bloggers through comments, but they don't always reciprocate. Or, I don't like the material they post. Nothing major, just not my cup of tea. I also worry if I discover too many wonderful new blogs, I won't be able to keep up with the ones I read now. Weird, huh?
Excellent thought provoking post Bumbles :)

Unknown said...

Very interesting...I understand what you're saying but I haven't experienced these feelings yet. I've been frustrated lately by feeling like I still don't know many bloggers & I'm still getting to know them. I think a lot of this has to do with the 4 or 5 months when I wasn't blogging. Because I was still reading blogs I feel like i never left but for all intensive purposes I did leave since I wasn't commenting on posts or posting. It's a weird spot to be in. But no matter what blog I comment on, I always see names I recognize.

Have you explored blogs beyond the book community? (I'm guessing you have!) There are sooo many blogs on the web . I occasionally like to search out blogs on other topics such as photography or interior design. There are also some very strange blogs that have made me very happy to stay within a communtiy of blogs I know!

~ Amy

kayerj said...

that's why I like playing the meme's. It mixes things up a little. I think it's a great way to get to meet people who blog.