Monday, November 29, 2010

ON FUN ~ Lookie What He Can Do...

Tuesday evening, 11/30, marks the annual broadcast of the Rudolph special on TV. It signals the true beginning of the Christmas season for us because seeing the Bumble transform from scary beast to helpful friend makes us all shiny inside.


Even though I long ago designated The Bumble as Andy's unofficial mascot due to Andy's clumsy bumbling, his favorite character from Rudolph is really Yukon Cornelius. He loves how he tastes his pick for gold and tells his dogs to "un-mush" when he wants them to stop pulling the sled. But The Bumble will forever be the character most associated with Andy, and myself as Mrs. Bumble, by extension.

That Bumble became our blog's image too. So when blogging buddy and crafter extraordinaire, LJ of Musings by Mugwhump, offered to make a creation for willing readers to get her in the swing of things for her holiday craft projects, I suggested The Bumble- much to her dismay.

LJ had not really felted something that was a recreation of a specific existing character or creature. She made wonderful items in her own vision - playful lizards for example. But LJ wanted a challenge so she decided to rise to the occasion. And she whipped up that beautiful guy up above in a matter of DAYS people! Like it was nothing. Incredible. When he arrived in her package sent with TLC from Canada we were ecstatic over the resemblance to the "real" Bumble in Rudolph.

The only problem was that our kitty Tedy was pretty pleased with The Bumble too. LJ forgot to mention that cats are magnetically drawn to these wooly creations as if they were stuffed with catnip. Andy woke up one morning to find the poor Bumble laying face down on the floor next to our bed with his back "fur" all pulled apart. I tried to patch him up and placed him high on our dresser for safe keeping. When I came back into the room about 15 minutes later, dear Bumble was back on the floor, further shredded, with a playful cat hovering above.

In despair, I hung my head in shame and e-mailed LJ to confess that her perfect creation had been mauled by a naughty cat and that I needed her to make us another one. I offered to pay any handsome sum of money that LJ wanted, groveled and then waited for a response. What did LJ say? Ship him back for free repairs. LJ is an angel. So back to Canada the Bumble went.

An easy fix for LJ. Within days he was back in our hands - just in time for his TV special. He is safe now on our fireplace mantle where it is a proven fact that Tedy the cat cannot reach. Plus, we bought him a new cat toy stuffed with catnip as a distraction just to be safe. Thank you LJ for having the talent to reunite us with our Bumble. And for being so kind and generous. You have put us in the spirit of giving this holiday season.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! How talented your bloggie friend is! I'm glad the newest Bumble is safe at home in time for his annual airing.

Lin said...

Do you HAVE to rub it in that YOU have a felted creation by LJ???!!! sniff. sniff. When CardioGirl suggested an orange stripey, poor LJ freaked and it panicked her. Sigh. Now there will never be a felted Hobbes even though you have a really cool, and I'm really jealous, felted Bumble. :( boo hoo!!!!!

AND add to that--I have to miss Rudolph tomorrow because my silly kid HAD to make dance team and it is their very first performance at the high school basketball game right at the SAME TIME as Rudolph. AARRRRGGGHHHH!

It's a conspiracy, I know it. :(

(Oh--he is really, really cute and I don't blame your cat one bit for wanting it for his/her own!)

Sandy Nawrot said...

Funny how these cats just KNOW the one thing you don't want destroyed then go after it single-mindedly! And of course I'm not surprised that yet again the Bumble inspires the holiday spirit. I'm very impressed with LJ's talent. All of that without any kind of pattern? If she hasn't already, she needs to go into business!

Penny said...

Awww...Tedy had a cottony snack!! :)

ds said...

Rudolf is on tonight?!!! Oh, I hope I make it. Your friend LJ is mighty talented--such a realistic Bumble.
"I'm Cuuuuuuute!" (Empress always gave us that look)

"He's a humble Bumble now."
No reason to be humble, this was a great read. Hope Tedy doesn't decide to attack the TV screen ;)

kayerj said...

that's an amazing piece of artwork. I can't even fathom being able to make something like that. I loved your story and I'm glad LJ could fix the Bumble. Enjoy your holiday viewing tonight.

LJ said...

Thanks for the post and mention. I'm honoured! Now reading your blog entry today I think I got off easy with a request for Bumbles and not the Prospector!!!

I will take commissions if folks want something made (Lin - you're request is docked). Will I have to pay The Bumbles a finders fee??? LOL!

Matty said...

Our two cats can find anything, and find a way to get to it.

It's quite appropriate that you watch Rudolph tonight, being that the Bumble is the headliner of your blog. Sweet that LJ took the time and effort to make it for you. Including a do-over.

Janet said...

oooh thank you for letting me know about Rudolph! I was wondering when it would be on!

Anonymous said...

Love the Bumble and the naughty kitty! I'll have to check out LJ's other creations.