Monday, January 24, 2011

ON FUN ~ Can You Survive Our Survivor Fantasy..?

I am a Fantasy League junkie. I have played in them for Baseball and Football. I have done bracket pools for NCAA Basketball. But my first ever experience with Fantasy Leagues was Survivor. Yes. That's right. CBS has a Survivor Fantasy League to go in conjunction with their reality TV show. Two of my guiltiest pleasures combined like that are too much for this Bumble to resist!

The first time I played, it was with my co-worker and her family. Small, personal and tons of fun. For several years now I have been meaning to set one up for any of you out there in the blogosphere who want to play with us but I always forget. Well. Since the Patriots got knocked out of the playoffs I had some extra time on my hands to plan ahead. The result is a Bumble Town Tribe on the CBS website!

If you would like to have a team in our Tribal Fantasy League either let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail and I will send you an invite to join the league. It is a private league. You simply set up a free login for CBS and then pick 4 contestants from the upcoming season of Survivor to be on your team. You can change your team around from week to week. CBS has created a set of events that might occur in any given episode that are worth points for your team to earn. And the more points, the better your standing in the Tribe to win it all.

The season starts February 16th at 8PM ET and CBS has photos and bio lists along with brief video clips on each contestant that you can look through to get a feel for who these people are. Oh. And two former players are returning this season too. Lets just say, they are both men and they hated each other on the recent "Heroes vs. Villains" season. One roots for the Red Sox and one roots only for himself. This season also has a new Redemption Island twist allowing voted off contestants to fight their way back into the game. Not sure if I'll like that set-up but you've gotta love Survivor's moxie in always trying something new.

Andy promises to play in the league. He always complains that I force him to watch Survivor, but then he gets pulled right in with likes of a Coach character that he just can't resist. I know I'll never have the ability to win the game of Survivor - I require too much sleep. But I know I have the ability to win the Survivor Fantasy game. After all, I won the one my co-worker ran. How do you think I got so hooked on fantasy leagues to begin with?


ds said...

Oh, you've got it bad... Best of luck; hope your team survives ;)

kayerj said...

I'm interested--I've picked the winner in two seasons. I'm not sure how the survivor fantasy team works but I'm interested in learning and playing.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT HAPPY about watching Russell for yet another season. Enough already!
I've never done a fantasy league of any kind, but I'm up for this one. I'm in :)

Sandy Nawrot said...

My kids actually are in a pool that involves money (is that illegal?). Personally, I have had very bad luck with Survivor in the past. My characters usually is the one that just quits mid-stream. I want to watch how this works and may pitch it to my family for future seasons.

JCB said...

I think I'll throw my hat into this ring. It should make you VERY happy to have me join - because I am not good at this at all so I will be easy to beat!
My email address is lovesmukiwa at hotmail dot com

Jenny Girl said...

ACK! I am so down with this league! Never played a fantasy league before, but I love survivor so count me in please :) Looking forward to the fun and curious about redemption island.