Thursday, April 28, 2011

ON BLOGGING ~ When Short Is Truly Sweet...

I'm all for shortcuts. Help me to get somewhere or do something more quickly and I am a happy Bumble. All that saved time lets me savor the extra moments doing the things I truly enjoy.

Which leads me to my blogging tip post for today. The following information may be elementary to you - old hat tricks that you know like the back of your speedy typing hand. But I am sure there are folks out there who have no idea. Or some who will appreciate the handy reminder.

What follows are a handful of keyboard shortcuts that I find most useful in my day to day typing - whether at work or in the blogosphere. I have no idea if these work in the world of Mac - probably unlikely. But in the Windows system, they do. Hold these keys down simultaneously and test them out for yourself.

COPY = Control + C
CUT = Control + X
PASTE = Control +V
REDO = Control + Y
SELECT ALL = Control + A
SELECT TEXT = Shift + Arrow Up or Arrow Down or Arrow Left or Arrow Right
START MENU = Control + Escape (or just Windows Logo Key)
TOGGLE BETWEEN OPEN WINDOWS = Control + Alt + Tab, then arrow to the one you want
UNDO = Control + Z

Do you have any favorite shortcut keys?


Lin said...

I know the shortcuts in Publisher, but not for anything else, believe it or not. I guess because I never had any formal lessons on it. Did you ever get Publisher??

Kim said...

Alt + tab. No need for control.

Mike said...

Are you kidding me? I can barely find the letters when I type! LOL

Sandy Nawrot said...

Hahahahaha! If this is elementary, then I am an idiot. I had no knowledge.

Unknown said...

CTL-SHIFT-END for everything from your current position down and

CTL-SHIFT-HOME for everything from your current position, up.

I just use ALT-TAB to toggle between windows and stop at the one I want.

Margot said...

True Confession: I did not know even one of those. Now I'm off to play around with these new toys.

kayerj said...

control + end and control + home to go to the top or bottom of the page without scrolling.

control + alt + delete to stop a page when it starts downloading a virus.

have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

I knew a few of these but don't use them regularly. Apparently I like to waste time I don't have.