Monday, May 23, 2011

ON BOOKS ~ A Bumble's Armchair...

This week marks the Second Annual Armchair BEA - an online event for book lovers and book bloggers who could not attend the Book Expo America in New York City this week. This is my response to the introductory question - "Who Are You And How Do You Armchair?"

Welcome to The Bumbles Blog! Take a quick look around. You will see that we are not exactly a book blog. We do post about books. But we also post about anything and everything else that suits our fancy. And when I say "our" I use that term very loosely. This is technically a joint blog between myself, Molly, and my husband, Andy. However, Andy has decided that his talents lie in being my muse rather than an active post writer. So the voice of The Bumbles Blog is most always mine. Which means that I get to poke lots of fun at Andy and there is nothing he can do about it.

I participated in the inaugural Armchair BEA last year and had tons of fun meeting all of you terrific book bloggers. I had book blogger envy because I always feel like an interloper in your world. I do not read fast enough and am not dedicated enough for proper book blogging. I don't like feeling obligated to read anything - I did enough of that through my schooling. I don't want reading to feel like work. I don't want blogging to feel like work either. So I read what I want, when I want, and blog about anything I feel like on a regular basis because I enjoy spontaneous, creative thoughts.

However, I did feel guilty tagging along on all of these book blogging events and spending so much time in your world without actively contributing to it all. I found the perfect way to become more involved, while still being able to be an eclectic and lazy blogger. I joined a group book blog called Quirky Girls Read! I contribute bookish thoughts and reviews of all things Classics over there a couple of times a month and use this space for all my other ramblings and book related topics outside of the Classics genre when I feel like talking about them.

In the end, I am trying to be more active in the book blogging community while staying true to the vision of "our" blog here. If I could, I would spend endless hours in this great blogosphere of ours. But it is really difficult to do that with a cat on your lap.


Esme said...

What a lovely kitty-I hope you enjoy sharing your passions with us.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Oh, such a tiny little lap kitty! I consider you a book blogger anyway, as you are a very big supporter of me. You add balance in my life. Happy Armchair!

Susan said...

Interesting intro. Definitely makes me want to read more ... and more ... and more ... Looks like I'll be stopping by often :)

Glad to have found you via Armchair BEA!

kayerj said...

I like a blog that covers a variety of things--and I like your spontanity (sp)

although your posts are always well planned and well thought out so I think you use spontaneous loosely :D

Tedy looks comfy

Jenny Girl said...

I was a lurker for quite some time, but it was your name The Bumbles, that drew me in. Rudolph is my fav Christmas show, and I know that Bumbles bounce!

It's all of your posts and you as a person that keeps me coming back. Book review are a whatever thing for me :)

Anonymous said...

Tedy is too cute! I love both of your blogs. You girls at Quirky are doing a great job.