Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ON BOOKS ~ Lipstick On A Pig...

Today over on the group book blog Quirky Girls Read I have a review of a modern classic. A book written by a man often considered the modern generation's best American writer. The first in a series that led to prize winning works. A main character that I disliked very much. A writer whose craft I loved being able to pause over.

How do you wrestle with a character or plot that you can't stand with prose that is so eloquent? Does writing beautifully about something so ugly make it pretty? No. But it makes the time spent in the process more enjoyable. At least it does for me.

Terrific writing can rescue miserable characters and plots from a lackluster review. But then again, said writer is the one who also constructed the unpleasant subjects to begin with. I think they should take some blame for evoking those reactions within the reader as well.

It is an interesting dilemma. Stop by and let me know what you think. Both of this writer, his work and similar reading experiences you may have had.

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Anonymous said...

I read this and one more Rabbit book in college. Hated them both.