Monday, June 13, 2011

ON BOOKS ~ A Classic Lady...

Today over on the group book blog Quirky Girls Read I have a review of a Classic written by a classic lady. Women writers weren't as prevalent back in the day, but those that found success seemed to be held above the general opinions that women should be seen and not heard or taken seriously. I admire those ladies who stuck to their guns and found a way to fight through to get the works they wanted to write published.

This particular book was probably viewed very differently at the time it was published than the way I viewed it reading it in the current day. Back then it was received as a work of biting humor. Now, I see it as very tragic. Most of the witty parts went over my head.

It is a book about high society and a woman who falls like a stone out of its good graces. Was it possible to feel sorry for a spoiled and often stuck up gal? I thought so. Which is why the work is so admirable to me.

Hop on over when you have a chance to find out what book I'm reviewing and if you've experienced it as well. And don't forget to check out The Classic Bribe - a challenge and giveaway so easy even reluctant Classic readers can take part!

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