Thursday, November 3, 2011

ON BLOGGING ~ Powerless Situation...

BlogAnon: Joy of Confession

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Welcome to our weekly BlogAnon meeting where we confess a particular blogging sin and turn to you for support, suggestions and that blogging bond so we know we're not all alone. Don't be shy. Read along and let us know if you identify with us this week.

Maybe I don't want to live with Laura Ingalls in the Little House On The Prairie after all. This used to be my dream as a young girl. I would run home from school and sit down in front of the TV with my best friends and watch Little House. We would sit and watch with envy as precocious "Half-Pint" was well loved, independent and funny. She got to do cool things we could never dream of being able to do in our modern world. We would go tromping off into the woods behind our neighborhood and pretend to live off the land, until our parents called us in for dinner.

After spending much of the past week without power thanks to a Nor'Easter dumping wet snow on heavy branches filled with leaves not yet fallen, I hope I never have to rely on fire for warmth unless I am doing so willingly at a campsite. Sammy and I would hunker down inside while Andy went out and chopped up logs in his shed. Then I would spend all day feeding the fire to keep us warm at night. This is no way to live. When we ran out of firewood we packed up bags filled with our electronic devices and chargers and crashed at a relative's house who was out of town.

I do not have a smart phone. Maybe it would make me smarter since I discovered after Andy took his smarty pants phone with him to work that my outdated flip phone was out of juice in a powerless home. Without a car charger, Sammy and I were out of touch for an entire day. I did have a radio to listen to, but no way to communicate with others. Most of our neighbors were either working or had left for brighter and warmer pastures. Sammy decided for the first time ever that he wanted to take a nap for the entire afternoon so I was tied to the house.

I did read quite a bit. And I was able to draft up some writing on my laptop before that battery died. Other than that I spent the day stoking the fire and entertaining the cat. All I could think about was all of that blogging that I could have been doing. And how much I have missed the opportunity to do so on a more regular basis since Sammy arrived. I like being connected - virtually. Nothing against hanging out with our neighbors, but I enjoy the connections the blogosphere has brought me as well.

Now that the power is back and we have returned home, Sammy is back to boycotting naps lasting longer than 45 minutes (perhaps I should build him a fire every day?). My free moments have been spent doing laundry, washing bottles, washing the firewood smoke out of my hair and picking up wood scraps tracked throughout the house. Very little time for blogging - again. I am looking forward to my Reclaim Your Reader event in a few weeks. I hope it will bring me back to blogging by becoming inspired by reading your blogs. Sign up if you haven't already.

No, I'd rather not trade places with Laura Ingalls after all. I don't think I could put up with that Nellie Oleson. And living without power would not be as cool as it seemed when I was ten. But it would be kind of funny to see what kind of blog good ole Half-Pint would have created.


Margot said...

My first thought was how potentially dangerous your life has been the last week. I'm so glad you made it through okay. I loved the Little House experience too but reality is something else.

I {heart} Rhody said...

Yikes! Glad you made it through and are back in the 21st century (American version). Hope all is well and you're able to stay connected. This could be a long winter!

kayerj said...

I'm with you . . . I'd rather live in today's pampered world than be a pioneer anyday!

Kathleen said...

I love to go camping and disconnect from everything but I am always pretty happy to back in the wired world. I'd say you survived the whole thing really well and had the proper "pioneer" spirit about it all!

Anonymous said...

How awful to have no power with a baby! We've had our electric go off for very short periods of time and I always worried about what I would do with Gage if it stayed off. Now I know :)
I did finally clean out my Reader, again, and it has helped me read who I want to read and converse with on a more regular basis. Gage is still napping in our bed, but this week we got him down to one nap 4 days!
With a baby prioritizing is crucial. I've found that I'm not that good at it!
I didn't sign up for your event because I will post a quiz, but I'm trying to decide if I can skip everything else that week.

soleil said...

I'm glad you made it through okay!!

Kaye said...

I never would have lasted as a pioneer either. No electricity turns me into a nutjob.

Jenny Girl said...

Nellie Olsen! I disliked her for years, but felt bad for her as the both of us grew up.

Stinks to be without power and it's scary to realize how much we rely on it. Glad you're all safe and sound, with power again.

I am also looking forward to next week!