Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ON FAMILY ~ What's In A Name...

Edition #9

Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES -

and the uncommon names of some of the people we know...

1. Trey - our dear friends just had twin boys on Tuesday evening. One is named Trey and the other is named Ryan. One name is less traditional than the other obviously. Got us to thinking about some of the other uncommon names in the lives of our friends and family...

2. Cyrus - no, he is not related to Billy Ray

3. Finnian - Cyrus' older brother, aka Finn

4. Laina - our neighbor's daughter. We hear her name often as she is quite precocious :0)

5. Bryce - our friends were inspired in part by the beautiful canyon in Utah when they chose this name for their son

6. Malcolm - and yes, he is in the middle

7. Carlson - he is not the son of a Carl - son of a Robert who calls himself Brutus - don't ask

8. Austin - our friend had never been to Austin but she thought it made a great name for her son

9. Griffin - we're not sure where our friends came up with this name for their son but between Fred McGriff and Ken Griffey we think dad may have slipped a baseball name past mom

10. Peta - our friend is Australian so maybe it is not as uncommon there - she was born before the animal group was created - she does love cats - maybe they got their name from her?

11. Poppy - Andy's aunt's sister officially changed her daughter's name to this nickname that she had been called since birth

12. Delma - Molly's mother has been called Thelma, Selma, and every other variation throughout her life by telemarketers - and she never found one of those decorative license plates with her name on it as a child

13. Merrilee - a very appropriate name to end this list - our friend's mother was obviously a big fan of Christmas when she named her daughter! Have a Merry one everyone!

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Adelle said...

Those are some unusual names lol Believe it or not, my Ex went by the name Brutus lol Happy Holidays!

Alice Audrey said...

These are all great names. You certainly know a lot of people with interesting names.

lareine said...

i recognize at least three names of real people i know from your list:)... maybe your friends read the book "griffin and sabine" by nick bantock... griffin is an artist in the story... and "laina" might be short for "lahaina" (i have a friend with that name :))...

Bethany said...

Great names!! I like Finn & Laina. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)