Thursday, October 1, 2009

ON SPORTS ~ O-Fer...

Ugh. At the risk of being accused of being a poor sport I thought I should give you an update on last weekend's head-to-head matchup in our Fantasy Football League between myself and Andy. Spouse on spouse crime is what that represented. It seems that real-life Giselle was far too concerned with her baby-to-be to send any good mojo my way and therefore GiselleWearsThePants laid a goose egg against Brady Goes To Miami. I gave Andy a run for his money in the early goings but then he pulled away and kicked my butt.

I had the same trouble in my Ladies League which was particulary discouraging because I of course had trash talked my opponent ahead of time and then she steam rolled me with a ridiculous performance out of Peyton ("I Hate You") Manning on Monday night.

My one sliver of sunshine for the week was my continued good fortune in the pick 'em league where I am currently in 3rd place overall out of about 125 or so people. Andy is bringing up the rear there in 110th position. In addition to paying out to the top 3 finishers each week, the top 8 overall at the end of the season get bigger payouts as well. So I guess I can take some solace in knowing that in the only activity that involves cash, I'm excelling!

Boston Babe (Molly's Team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 1-2
(modifying this lineup for injuries only, ladies league)

GiselleWearsThePants (Molly's team) = Last Week, Lost - Overall, 0-3
Brady Goes To Miami (Andy's team) = Last Week, Won - Overall, 2-1
~head to head (Molly vs. Andy) = I don't want to talk about it (0-1)
(actively modifying this lineup, up against the boys)


hmsgofita said...

I have an award for you!

Debbie F said...

Who do you like this week?
Baltimore at New England
Jets at New Orleans?

I'm not doing as well has you on pick'ems, but my fantasy team is doing better well! I love football!

The Bumbles said...

Well Debbie, lets see...
I am a homer and therefore would have a hard time picking against the Pats. They are at home and Flaco is no Brady - although Brady hasn't looked sharp. Brady looked good at the end of the game last week and their running game finally got going throughout a whole game. So even though Moss & Welker are hurting and who knows what, I'm thinking that the Pats can pull out a victory. I don't do spreads in our pool though so I'm not considering any of that.

As for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, I despise them and have a soft spot for N.O. The Jetties blitzed Brady incessantly which worked well so I'm thinking they'd like to put lots of pressure on Brees as well. But the Saints are at home and are rolling right through their opponents. I think the Jets' rookie QB will fall back to Earth this week and the Saints will win handily.

Sandy Nawrot said...

Molly, your passion is oozing all over us. Sorry to hear about the bad mojo you received from that deep-thinker intellectual Giselle. As an update to some inane comment I left you last week, my son kicked some serious booty against his rival team on Saturday (he even SACKED his nemesis). 34 to zip. Yeah baby.