Thursday, November 26, 2009

ON FUN ~ The Reveal...

Yesterday, we shared a few personal tidbits about ourselves for your amusement. We also snuck in a few fibs and asked you to pick them out. If you didn't read it you might want to do that before reading our answers. So now that you have made your guesses, here are our realities and the myths among them:


  • I did have the Chicken Pox twice in my life - a very mild case as an infant and then full blown in elementary school when I caught it from my stupid brother. I still have the scars.
  • I skipped lots of classes in High School - sometimes because I was bored with the class, sometimes because I didn't like the class and most often because some friend or another suggested it. And a few times here or there to hang out with a cute boy.
  • Speaking of cute boys, I have ended long distance relationships with two of them over the phone. It broke my heart both times because I didn't want to but someone had to face the reality we were headed towards. Which was that I was going to get my butt dumped. Beat them to the punch.
  • I had a part time job at Shoe Town in high school and college where we were taught the art of catching shoplifters by spying on them through the shoe racks. I witnessed one unlucky woman stealing shoes and signaled the cashier who alerted the authorities and then chased her out to the parking lot - the cashier, not me. I wasn't that dumb to risk getting shot over shoes.
  • I also had a job during summer break in college as a maid. Actually, my official title was Chamber Maid at an Inn in Martha's Vineyard. La-di-da. I still had to clean up other people's hairs in bathrooms. All the left behind free beer and tips wasn't enough for that job. I quit and moved back home.
  • After an overload of studying, researching and reading during college, I rarely picked up a book for pleasure for about 7 years. It wasn't until Andy's job took him on the road all the time that I started filling my free time with reading again. I haven't looked back since.
  • One morning after breakfast with Andy at a local diner, rather than backing out of my space I decided to drive straight through, and got my little Geo Prism stuck right on top of one of those concrete wheel stops. Andy and a guy from the diner had to pick up the car and slide it off (Geos were tiny little things). So embarrassing. We didn't go back to that diner, at least not in my car, for a while.
  • Cooking is not my forte, so I am generally asked to bring items to parties such as beverages and paper supplies. But a year ago I was asked to bring a salad and borrowed a festive recipe from a friend which was delicious. I mentioned it to food blogger extraordinaire, Lynn @ Queen of the Castle Recipes, who loved it so much she posted about it!
  • Living in the Northeast we have gone away on lots of camping trips in the summer and skiing trips in the winter. I became a very reliable fire builder amongst all the boys. So much so that my job at the ski condos was always to get that fire going and raging for everyone to warm up in front of after a long day out in the cold.
  • The reason I am so good at building fires is that I don't go anywhere near a ski mountain and have lots of time to practice my uber fire building techniques. I have never strapped on skis, much less won any type of downhill race.

  • ANDY:

  • I had a paper route when I was a kid and there were a few dogs along the way who barked and chased and made me skittish around dogs of all sizes. I have since grown out of that fear but it took a while.
  • I have had the same best buddy since before my paper route days - we grew up to be each other's Best Man and see each other all the time.
  • It is easy to stay in touch like that when you live in the same state your entire life.
  • This same friend and I went on vacation one year to Aruba where the foreigners often go topless. We met this really nice girl and her mom one day and had a lovely conversation - both of them were topless at the time. It was challenging to stay focused and a bit awkward.
  • I returned home one day from college to find a party going on at my parents' house. They were away and one of my underage siblings had some friends over. The cops showed up and dragged me away because when they asked who lived there I told them I did. I went absolutely ballistic in the back of the police car. I walk in on the party and get hauled away.
  • Speaking of cops, I have dialed 911 by accident - on two separate occasions. Once while trying to call a radio station and the other time while trying to call Molly back home while traveling for work. Both times the cops showed up in a flash, even though I tried to explain I had goofed.
  • In a quieter time, I was told by a woman working at the local Laundromat that I was the best folder she had ever seen. I was trained well by my mother. But now Molly does all the laundry - even though she folds my stuff all wrong.
  • Molly used to always watch ER and I just don't have the stomach for blood and guts - in real life or on a fictional TV show. At least that's the excuse I gave her for not wanting to watch ER.
  • Sometimes I don't have the stomach for the Red Sox either, but I do have a connection to their ownership group. A member of my sister-in-law's family is married to one of them.
  • Sad to say, I never had the honor of meeting Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was incredible and is greatly missed in the music world by me and anyone who appreciates guitars, blues and rock & roll.

    Lynn said...

    Fun post, Molly & Andy. And I gotta say, Molly, your spinach salad is still one of our favorites. Hope you're both having a great holiday.

    Sandy Nawrot said...

    That was great, except that I missed out on the first part and didn't get to guess. I'm not sure I would have gotten it right anyway. It is fun getting to know Bumble trivia! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

    rhapsodyinbooks said...

    I guessed right about the ski race! I empathize about the long distance breakups. I did one by letter when I was 18, and I still feel guilty about it after all these years!

    Beth F said...

    This was so much fun!! I was picturing Molly racing downhill on skies and I was jealous of Andy's meeting Stevie Ray

    Penny said...

    Love it!!
    I guessed right for Molly!

    ds said...

    0 for 2. Oh well. Fun getting to know you both just that wee bit better. Hope your holiday went/is still going well!

    Anonymous said...

    I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! I'm having commenting issues so I don't even know if this will show up! I've got chicke pox scars too :)