Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ON FUN ~ Awesome Andy...

Edition #43
Thirteen Things about THE BUMBLES -
and, in honor of his birthday this week, why Andy is so awesome...

1. He enjoys doing dishes

2. His best friend from Kindergarten was his best man at our wedding

3. He is loyal (to a fault) - to his family, his friends, his employer, his pets and his teams (even though he is fair weather with the Sox sometimes)

4. His laugh is contagious and irresistible - especially when watching Seinfeld re-runs

5. He is extremely caring - he gets sad when his fish die

6. He is great with directions - my personal GPS

7. Concert Boy is not just a nickname - he loves seeing music live, listening to tunes on old records, reading about music history and singing the wrong lyrics to jingles

8. He created a play list for his proposal to me

9. He is extremely patient - said proposal took 7 years

10. Kids love him - he becomes a human jungle gym when little ones are around because he would rather play than hang with the boring grown-ups

11. Only a select few have ever seen him angry - he is very good at letting things go, wifely nagging included

12. Laughing at himself is a favorite hobby - finding humor in being a goober is extremely entertaining for everyone else

13. He makes Boston accents wicked pissah

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Sandy Nawrot said...

You two bring tears to my eyes, you are so adorable. See, somehow I innately KNEW these things about Andy, even though you'd never quite highlighted his talents quite like this.

Funny BFF is from Boston, and she loves to tell me the story that her husband has always been one to pee alot. Overactive bladder or whatever. When they were dating, my friend's father would always say "he's a good guy Michele, but he's a pissah". So now, when any of our guys seem to be making frequent trips to the potty, we still say "he's a pissah!". Your comment just reminded me of that!

Anonymous said...

I think he's awesome simply because of number four. You gotta love the Sein and now you gotta love Andy.

Happy Birthday!

Janet said...

I love #8; maybe someday you'd share the playlist with us?

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

Hang on to him and treat him well, Molly. He is rare indeed. My mom would say, "He's a keeper."

The only one I didn't understand was the last one. I don't know how to speak Boston. And then I read Sandy's comment. Now I get it.

Beth F said...

Awwwwwww. So sweet. Sounds like a guy who'd get along with Mr. BFR -- expect for that baseball thing. DH grew up in the Philly area.

JO said...

sweet! Happy Thursday!

Mine's up.

Unknown said...

You've definitely got a keeper in him!
Happy Bday Andy!
Happy T13!

The Gal Herself said...

This is a very romantic list! Happy Birthday, Dear Andy, Happy Birthday to you. (Or should I say, "wicked pissah birthday?")

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Andy! Jason & Andy have #4 in common. I think we make at least one Seinfeld reference a day - it's been off the air how long?!
Andy sounds like my kinds guy, a playlist for the proposal, LOL. I love it. And kudos to Molly for finding a man who loves doing dishes.

colleen said...

He's a keeper! I know someone like him.

Patty Reiser said...

Sending Andy wishes for a scent-sational birthday and an Angel of Good Health and Happiness for the year to come.


Lynn said...

Sounds like you've got a great guy. Finding humor in being a goober: priceless.