Monday, November 2, 2009

ON BLOGGING ~ November News...

(November, 2009)

Time for our monthly installment of The Bumbles Blueprint. Last month we broke from our regular blueprint format to tell the tale of our first year of blogging. It was fun for us to look back and summarize our first year's experiences in the blogosphere. But it also meant that we didn't plot out a post schedule for the month and that resulted in an interesting experiment. It appears that without that mapped out guide, we fall apart. Without a nice list to reference each evening we wasted a lot of time wondering what to post about and it left us in a blah state of affairs as touched upon somewhat in our last BlogAnon post about Memes.

So since we like experiments we decided not to participate in Thursday Thirteen this month to allow for more non-meme related posts and to find out what kind of an impact it might have in our visitor stats. We'll let you know how that goes! And since we've learned our lesson about operating without a net, here is a sample of what we plan to deliver to you in your Reader, In-Box or whenever you happen to stop by:

  • Renovation adventures - motivated by a book giveaway received from Beth Fish Reads
  • How pets become family
  • Collaboration with a fellow blogger - on kitchens no less!
  • Revisiting a classic novel from childhood
  • Vacation shots
  • Blogging pet peeves, snobbery and other habits in the blogosphere

  • In addition to these posts tune in every week for our Monday Movie Meme, updates on our Fantasy Football battles each Friday evening and Shutterday posts - a theme based photo contest every Saturday.

    If you've got any topics you'd like us to cover, let us know and maybe we'll cover them in a post in November. Now would also be a good time to ask us questions, request updates on any prior posts, hand out compliments, make suggestions or lodge complaints. We aim to please but promise nothing.


    Sandy Nawrot said...

    I for one will miss the Thursday meme, but I give you all kinds of credit for trying new stuff. I renovated my kitchen a couple of years ago, so I am going to love those posts! I spend a serious amount of time in my kitchen. I also must say that I have loved the posts you've published about your cats.

    otin said...

    I like some memes, but they do get old after a while. I used to do Aloha Friday, but stopped because I realized that it was just a quick way to get a post up!

    Kathleen said...

    Sounds like you have some great things planned for November...looking forward to it!

    Beth F said...

    Do I sense an Albert???? My husband and I were just thinking about Albert because husband did a ton of neighborhood work after that early, wet, and damaging snow.

    Anonymous said...

    It's difficult, but freeing to blog without a net :) I've got a schedule that helps me stay sane, well sorta sane anyway.
    Looking forward to your post about pets. I'll make sure to read it aloud to Max & Scout.